NEW VIDEO ~ 7 Day Slim Down Workout!

By Katrina Scott on

Mornin' babes!

I have such a treat for you today...a total bod workout that increases your metabolism like crazy, which makes those abs come through! And it's perfect timing for next week. In case ya haven't heard...we're all doing the 7 Day Slim Down TOGETHER starting MONDAY, February 13th to finish this Challenge off strong!

The #7dayslimdown is the perfect way to de-bloat and make your muscles POP before a big event (like taking your TIU Challenge after photos!!). Karena and I do it before our photo shoots and trips or when we want to get back on track. It's seriously amazing. If you aren't already a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, join HERE and you'll get all past and future Challenges, the Nutrition Plan, AND the 7 Day Slim Down. February 13th...let's do this!!

I specifically created today's workout with the Slim Down in mind. I'm talkin' core sculpting, tush tightening, arm toning, and metabolism boosting. Want to know a secret too? The more you workout your total body, the more the abs come through! YUP! The more energy expended everywhere, the higher your metabolism and the more your hard earned work will show!

You'll be seeing this workout next week too! Now, time to WERRRK!!


Watch on YouTube HERE!


Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!




We're all starting the 7 Day Slim Down Monday, February 13th!! Join the #TIUteam and bring your Challenge results to the next level! And check out a de-lish new 7 Day Slim Down approved recipe HERE!


Check out the AMAZING #7DaySlimDown results from Tone It Up Nutrition Plan members!! Seriously jaw-dropping!



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