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New Cardio Barre Arms Workout With Jillian!

New Cardio Barre Arms Workout With Jillian!

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Hey beautiful! Happy week 3 of your 31 Day Challenge! You’re officially halfway there, and you're looking as strong and amazing as ever!! Seriously, check out the #TIU31 hashtag on Insta for instant motivation. So many boss babes, so many sweaty selfies, and sooo many gorgeous smiles!

And guess who’s here to keep this incredible momentum going?! Our girl Jillian is bringing the heat to those beautiful arms TODAY in your Studio Tone It Up app! Jillian’s 30-minute Cardio Barre Arms routine will torch and tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles. You’ll even get a lil' booty work in there too!

For a sneak peek of some of Jillian’s best arm sculpting moves, check out a quick version of the full workout below. And remember, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, that’s where we release allll the amazing classes this challenge ~ not to mention your Daily Moves, nutrition tips, quick recipes, and more!

So are you with me babe? I’m grabbing my 3-pound dumbbells for this one — it’s going to be scorcher! Check in with me after to tell me your fave move! We got this ~ together! 💗



You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

This is YOUR fall ~ get ready to feel fit and fabulous! There's still time to join us for your 31 Day Challenge HERE for daily workouts, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and so much motivation!