My FAVE Arm & Abs Gym Workout!

By Katrina Scott on


This weekend, I shared my favorite upper body workout to do at the gym on our InstaStory!

Karena and I love workouts that tone and strengthen the shoulders, arms, and upper back- they just feel so good! Plus, these exercises will naturally improve your posture. The muscles that make up your upper body help pull your shoulders back- aka you'll stand taller and lead the day with your heart. The better your posture, the more you feel like the confident mega babe that you are!!

This workout uses my fave machine at the gym that I can't get at home... the cables! You'll notice that you'll feel every one of these moves in your abs too! Plus I added the most intense core move at the end! ;)

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TIP ~ Cables have different attachments for various types of moves. We tell you which one to use for each exercise below! The attachments are usually hooked on to the cable machine, but if you can't find them, ask someone who works at the gym where they are! Just flash that gorgeous smile of yours ;)


Move Guide

Download your printer friendly Move Guide HERE!!

With all of these moves I want you to focus on the eccentric movement- aka the lengthening of the muscle. This will help with strength and toning. Concentric is the shortening of the muscle. So think about a bicep curl- drop your weight down just as slow and controlled as you curled up. This way you use your muscle instead of just dropping the weight and using gravity. When you work with cables it's even harder! You can either let the cable control you... or you can control the cable and get an even better workout!


Straight Arm Pulldown

Strengthens your back and core!

Use the straight bar attachment for this move. Begin standing with feet hip distance, both hands holding the cable bar, and a slight bend at the elbows and knees. Keep core tight as you pull the cable straight down toward hips. Maintain a slight bend at the elbow throughout the move. Return to start. You may even notice your abs working a lot!

Complete 15-20 reps x3


Tricep Extension

Tones your triceps & core

Use the rope attachment for this move. Begin standing with feet together, core tight and both hands on the cable rope. Begin with your arms at a 90 degree angle with elbows tucked by your side. Squeeze and push down toward your hips and fully extend your arm. Return to start. Keep those abs tight and engaged. Remember to breathe too!

(I like doing a dropset here. Starting with heavier weight and dropping down to finish the last 8 and really burn out.)

Complete 20 reps x3


Single Arm Lat Pull Down

Tones your back, biceps, core and legs. 

This is a very high row. I like this more than the traditional lat pulldown and it works the core at the same time. Use the single handle attachment for this move. Begin in a lunge position with left foot forward and core engaged. Make sure your knee doesn't go past your toes! Hold the handle with your left hand, arm extended in front of you. Pull the handle down and back so your hand is in line with your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blade back. Return to start slowly and controlled. Keep your abs engaged and legs strong. You got this girl!

Complete 15 reps, then switch sides x3


Bicep Curls

Tones your biceps and core - focus on keeping your body strong and engaged.  

Use the straight bar attachment for this move. Begin standing with feet together (option to stand on one leg for more core work), palms up, and both hands holding the bar. Keep your core engaged and elbows by your side as you curl the bar toward your chest. Slowly and controlled, return to start.

*** It's easy to rock back and forth, but your core will keep you in line when engaged.

Complete 20 reps x 3


Seated Rows

Strengthens and sculpts your upper and lower back, rear delts, biceps and core.

Begin sitting with a slight bend in the knees, neutral back, and holding the cable handles with both hands. Have your palms facing toward each other and begin with arms fully extended. Lean slightly forward, keeping your abs engaged. Pull both handles toward your abs (lower than the chest), squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep your shoulders down (it's tempting to bring those shoulders up to the ears, but keep them down and back). Return to start.

Complete 20 reps x 3



Strengthens your ENTIRE abdomen! Really sculpts those lower abs and tones the upper!

Put both arms into the ab straps and let your legs hang straight below you. With a slight bend at the knee, use your core to lift legs straight in front of you. Slowly lower back down.

*** Focusing on the eccentric phase on this exercise is KEY! When you lower slowly and controlled, your body won't swing. You can start with bent knees on this move and work your way up. Really control on the way down, girl!

Complete as many as you can with good form. This is a very challenging move, so come up as high as you can and do your best! You've got this!

Check in with me on instagram ~ #TIUgymworkout @ToneItUp




No cables? No problem!! Just swap in a pair of resistance bands! ;)


What's your favorite move to do at the gym!? Let us know in the comments below!!

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