Most Motivating Mantras From Your TIU Trainers

By Katrina Scott on
Morning gorgeous! Just in case no one told you yet today...remember you’re doing amazing! You are beautiful, you are powerful, you are brilliant, and you are enough — exactly as you are ✨
When we need a lil’ reminder of this ourselves, we turn to positive affirmations and mantras. Affirmations are a powerful way to reinforce positive self talk. You can shift your entire mindset with this one simple act!
Practice with affirmations every day — either in your meditation, journal, or out loud in the mirror. You can also write your favorite mantras on sticky notes around the house or save one to your phone homescreen as a reminder every time you open your phone. 
We asked your Tone It Up trainers to share their favorite affirmations to help inspire you! Affirmations are unique to everyone, so find one (or a few!) that resonate with you. 
Love you lots,
“Delight in the process.”
For big dreamers and high achievers, we commonly fixate on our end goals and chase after the feeling of accomplishment we will feel when we reach them. While it is beautiful to have those goals in mind, we must not forget that the true beauty lies within the process itself. On our way to reaching our true potential, we encounter our most valuable lessons, inspiring new friendships and greater self-confidence. ~ Stef
“If It doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” 
When I want to accomplish a goal, this mantra reminds me that I should welcome the challenge with open arms. It's these challenges that will help me learn, grow, and push me outside of my comfort zone — and get me steps closer to my goal. How I think about it: Life is growth. Growth is change. Change happens beyond my comfort zone. And going beyond my comfort zone is what a challenge is.  ~ Ariel
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” 
I remind myself of this each day. It may not sound like it at first, but this actually motivates me to work out because I begin to remember why I am working out in the first place. It is for me to feel my best — it is not for me to try to look like “her.” ~ Chyna
"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." ~ Roald Dahl
I love this because, first of all, I think it’s so cute and fun. But more importantly, it reminds me to check in on my self talk. Turning negative thoughts to positive thoughts is such an important part of my daily routine. As soon as I remind myself to change my attitude, I feel like I am glowing from the inside out. People around me can feel the good energy and I am able to attract more good into my life.” ~ Tori

“I can be strong even when I feel weak.

I can be confident even when I feel self conscious.

I can be enough even when I feel less than.

I am strong. I am supported. I am abundant.”

I love this reminder that every day is different and every emotion is valid and important. We don’t always feel our strongest or most confident, and that’s OK. That doesn’t take away from your strength, your power, your beauty, your spirit. No matter what you’re going through, you are enough exactly as you are in this moment. ~ Karena

I wrote this mantra and shared it in a LIVE recently, and I keep returning to it. I repeat it to myself when I first wake up or at the beginning of my yoga practice, and it brings peace and positivity into my day. Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and repeat this out loud or to yourself. You can also screenshot it and make it your phone homescreen, post it on your IG, or send it to a girlfriend who may need this reminder too! ~ Kat

Get moving & motivated with all your favorite trainers in your Tone It Up app! We’ll be cheering you on through every challenging workout!

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