3 Things We Do Before We Even Get Out of Bed

By Katrina Scott on

Did you know that you can set the tone for your entire day...before you even get out of bed?! YES! Before we do anything (yep, even before we brush our teeth!), we do these three things to connect with our bodies and minds and set ourselves up for a healthy day. 

It’s especially important to practice these rituals BEFORE you check your phone — once you start reading emails, checking the news, or scrolling on social, your body immediately goes into the reactive “fight or flight” mode. Your cortisol (aka the stress hormone) will spike, which can increase anxiety and cause your body to store fat.  

So before you open up that phone, start working, and even before you get your sweat sesh in, try these super simple and quick practices. They only take 5 minutes!

Drink Up Buttercup

After hours of sleep, your body wakes up dehydrated. Fill up a glass or bottle with water before you go to sleep and keep it on your nightstand, so you can sip even before you leave bed. If you’re a coffee lover like us, it’s especially important to have H20 before your first cup because coffee can be dehydrating. 

Tune Into Your Body

Do a full body scan — bring your awareness to each part of your body, from your toes to the crown of your head. Simply notice without judgement where you might feel tight or sore, where you feel strong. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly so you can feel your heartbeat and the air coming in and out of your lungs. Wiggle your fingers and toes, hug your knees to your chest, and take a big morning stretch. All these little movements will help you connect to and appreciate your beautiful body. You’ll carry this into your workout and your entire day. 

Express Gratitude 

Close your eyes and think about three things you are grateful for TODAY. These can be big or small ~ your family, your healthy body, the sun shining, the smoothie you’re excited to have with breakfast ✨ You can write your gratitudes in a journal, say them out loud, or simply think them to yourself. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed later in the day, you will have these gratitudes to return to. 

BONUS TIP: Hug your family, snuggle your pets, or simply give yourself a big hug 🤗 

You deserve to start each and every day with joy!

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