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Mindful Meditation For Love & Gratitude

Mindful Meditation For Love & Gratitude

Hey gorgeous! How are you? Going into week 4 of the Love Your Body Series, take a moment to reflect on how your mind and body are feeling on this journey. Practicing your meditations is a powerful way to start your week mindfully and connect with yourself. You can always find your mindful mediations in your Tone It Up App and do them anytime in the On Demand channel.

Today let's focus on love and gratitude ~ two of the most important aspects of a happy and healthy life. It is no accident that you are here, right here and right now. You serve a purpose, and you matter in this world! So take this time to really allow yourself to feel gratitude and soak it all in. Feel grateful for your breath that gives you life, for your body that carries you through every day, and for your spirit that makes you uniquely you.

Find the light within you and let it guide you on your way! 💫



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Pair your meditations with your Tone It Up App workouts to show your mind AND body love! You can do these routines and meditations anywhere, anytime with your app!