Crush Your Mile Challenge With This Inspo From The TIU Team

By Katrina Scott on

We kicked off the 25 Day TIU Mile Challenge last week, and wow, this community really hit the ground running 😉 👟 We are so inspired by you!

For some extra inspo, we’re sharing some gorgeous, strong, and motivating checkins from this team! We LOVE seeing you challenge yourself, try new types of workouts, hold each other accountable, and get your miles in with your friends, family, fur babies, and accountability partners. 

ICYMI, you can still jump into the challenge with us! We are all committing to getting at least 1 mile of cardio in every day from now until December 25th. Your cardio can be a stroll around your neighborhood, a jog at a local park or track, a bike ride, a hike, a dance party at home, a HIIT or cardio routine in your Tone It Up app — whatever fits in with your lifestyle!

Keep up the amazing momentum and make sure you’re checking in with us every day using the hashtag #TIUmilechallenge. We’ll be looking out for you! 



TIU Mile Challenge Checkins From The Team

“Happy 3 mile Monday!! Yup I went all out this morning and completed the entire 3 miles. Though I got back to my house at 2.85 I just had to get the entire mile in. And I feel great!!! Hope you ladies got your mile in whether it be walking, running, or biking.” ~ @tiutaylorcarcar

“🎶Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the (5k)🎶 😉 🔔 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🙌🏼  My first 5k in December falling on a FriYAY... of course I had to make it extra fun, festive, & flexy lol! 😜🎄💪🏼 And if any of you girls don’t do so already, I love logging my miles with the free @charitymiles app 💚 It uses your phone’s internal pedometer/gps to track your distance, turning those miles you run/walk/bike (hello #TIUMileChallenge! 👍🏼) into money for charity! 👏🏼 There’s over 60 charities you can support, & this month I’m running my miles for @stjude ❤️” ~

“Booty day over here! I was really proud to see huge gains in balance on the ball and single leg work for Bikini buns & thighs - if you’ve never done it: it’s a short lower body workout with an exercise ball and a TON of balance- highly recommend! Oh, and I got my 1.5 mi in for #tiumilechallenge!” ~ @saralikesfitness

“Happy to start the 25 days of @toneitup today! And super excited with the extra #tiumilechallenge thrown in there! Gonna love working up my mileage this holiday season 🙌🏽” ~ @tiu_b.e.l.l.e

“I’m not a runner. Not at all. But I try! I took the advice of my #tiusisters and took my lunch break and turned on the #tiuapp and in the words of Forrest Gump ‘I just ran 🤣’ ok maybe more like a slow jog but I did it and I pushed myself to a fast jog. I went up numerous hills and finally finished the lunch hour at right around 3.4 miles. After Stef’s guided interval run (which was amazing AF BTW) I did @karenadawn Midday Mindful Meditation.” ~ @tiu_artbymonimack

“I started today w/ some yoga thanks to #TIUholidayhustle2020 and followed it up with some ab work. I hadn’t done either of these videos before. I love them!! The yoga was so pretty and relaxing. Later, I have a 2 mile walk planned with my family for the #tiumilechallenge.” ~ @lala89_tiu

“Day 6 of #tiuholidayhustle2020 went on a gorgeous hike with my mom and my furry baby 🥰 🥰 Did Bodyweight Boxing with @kristinaearnest. Kickboxing with her is literally my favorite workout ever! Such a great way to let out stress and feel empowered 🥊 Practiced Self Care Saturday by taking a bath with lit candles and my book to end the day. My heart feels content ☺️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️” @tiu_lizbeth

“Got my workout done!! I walked the pups then walked 2.25 miles on the treadmill for the #tiumilechallenge ! Then did the dms, barre abs and morning mantra yoga!” ~ @debzz_53_tiu

“I’m in on this challenge!! Excited to do 25 days of #toneitup! Started today with dance cardio because it’s way too cold to run or walk 😂

My goals for this next 25 days:

1️⃣ Eat more veggies

2️⃣ Journal everyday

3️⃣ One mile or exercise every day”

~ @evajfit

“Best 3 mile run with my boys 🏃🏽‍♀️ #tiumilechallenge” ~ @nani_tiu

“Today’s checkin: I started TIU Mile Challenge with a 30 min Bike Ride, following Next Level Booty in Studio Tone it Up App 📲 and planning on a quick walk later on the day🚶🏽‍♀️.” ~ @boki_tiu

“I had today off work, so I had a lazy morning, then went for a 3 mile jog for #tiumilechallenge - It was gorgeous outside!☀️” ~ @kristine.tiu.dvm

“Here’s to 25 Days of Tone It Up & the best season of the year: the Christmas season! During the month of December, I’ll be joining the #tiuteam for the 25 Days of Tone It Up by completing at least 1 mile a day of running/walking/hiking. I discovered @charitymiles on @toneitup and will be using that app from now on as it donates money to the charity of your choice for every mile that you walk or run. I am challenging myself to 3 goals:

*Commit myself to at least 1 workout per day

*Continue my healthy eating, but also allow myself to enjoy the yummy foods during the holiday season

*Appreciate all the family time & continue working out with my #tiusisters

So far, I’ve completed 6.5 of the 25 miles (running & walking) thanks to @tiu.soph 🏃‍♀️ Let’s do this!!”

~ @tiu_angebali

“Nothing but blue skies and sunshine on today’s 16k run. 💛🌾” ~

“Saturday miles 👍. And I got pretty damn close to a 5k route at 3.06! Were still pretty new to our 'hood so I've been figuring out our different route options. Up next: salad, almond milk hot cocoa, and hopefully sneaking in a chapter or two of a book before cleaning and putting up some more Christmas decorations!” ~ @carolynbee_runs

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