Meet Your Amazing Studio Tone It Up Trainer Chevy!

By Katrina Scott on

Hey beautiful! I’ve had the most magical getaway in Whistler, Canada with Brian and I’m feeling more inspired than ever. I even fit in a little yoga flow in the snow ❄️

Most of you know how much I love yoga. A few months ago, I took a yoga sculpt class at a local studio with a new instructor and I immediately fell in love with her. Her energy was amazing and about halfway through class she started singing Missy Elliot “Work It.” Girl was shaking her booty singing “I need a glass of water” and I was obsessed 🙌🏻💦

Right after class, I called Karena and said, “I think we just found our next Studio Tone It Up trainer!” That is what’s so magical about Studio Tone It Up. Whenever Karena and I discover someone we know you’ll love, we get to share her with this beautiful community.

So today we’re so excited for you to meet Chevy and get to know her more. Chevy left behind her career in the corporate world to pursue her true passion for fitness and she never looked back! She's now a Soul Cycle instructor and a certified yoga teacher. She’s such a boss babe and an inspiration!

You can take Chevy’s yoga abs sculpt class in the Studio today and right HERE! And make sure you check in with us after your workout!



Meet Chevy!

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Learn more about Chevy!

How did you first fall in love with fitness?

I strapped on my first pair of dance shoes when I was three years old! I was a cheerleader and played lacrosse in high school. I later went to law school and went into the corporate world but something was always calling me to fitness.

How did you transition from the corporate world to fitness professionally?

I had been working in corporate marketing and sales for 10 years. In 2015, I decided to do yoga teacher training because I wanted to deepen my own yoga practice. It was a really intense experience because I was working full time and you have to put in 200 hours for training. I not only learned what yoga means, I really learned about listening to my inner voice, how to quiet my mind, and how to recognize my strength and power.

From there I discovered the beauty of Soul Cycle. I decided to just go for it and audition. I didn’t make it the first time but they saw something in me and told me to audition again and I made it. I always wanted to be a dancer and now I get to dance on a bike every day. I feel really blessed.

Did you have an "aha" moment that changed your perspective on fitness?

My “aha” moment was recognizing that I wasn’t happy in my previous career. I had a beautiful marriage, a beautiful dog, beautiful friends and family, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I wanted to make a change so I could move forward and find true happiness.

Now I wake up at the crack of dawn to teach and I’m so happy because I’m around people who motivate and inspire me every single day and it’s nice to be able to give back to them so they feel stronger and more powerful!

What’s your number 1 passion in health and wellness?

The three “c”s of life: Choices, Chances, and Changes. I think that life is always about strong choices, taking those chances, so you can feel that change. That applies to everything in your life, from fitness to love to career.

What can we expect from your Studio Tone It Up classes?

You can expect fun, booty-kicking yoga sculpt workouts. The goal is to have an amazing mind-body connection. You’ll walk out smiling and you’ll feel like you accomplished something amazing! I’m also a big-time high fiver, so send me high fives on chat after class✋

Three things people don't know about you ~ GO!

1) I’m a wife of 5 years and fur-baby momma to a long hair chihuahua named Hiro.

2) Pizza is my absolute fave!

3) Although I have taught literally thousands of fitness classes in person, and have even done fitness modeling in the past, my first fitness video was with Studio Tone It Up! I was so nervous, but the Tone It Up family is so incredible that I felt right at home. I’ll never forget when Katrina showed up on set that day to give me tips, love, and support behind the scenes!

If you could give advice to a girl who may be fearful to change careers or follow a new dream, what would it be?

It’s scary to take a leap of follow your dreams. Because the reality is that there are no promises or guarantees, you just have to trust yourself. You just have to trust the process.

I would also say that if for some reason you’ve taken a step and you realize that's no longer what you want moving forward, THAT'S OK! That just means it’s time to listen to your heart, make another choice, or take another leap! It’s ok to re-evaluate and set new goals. I never look at that as a failure or sign of weakness, but rather as an incredible strength. Every day we learn, grow, evolve, and change. So I believe it’s ok if some of your goals grow, evolve, and change too! Remember there was a lesson you needed to learn from every step in your journey so it’s okay to take another step and another one, learning and growing each time until you find your path to ultimate happiness. Keep believing in you girl; you got this!

Rapid fire questions!

What’s on your workout playlist?

Hip-hop...old, new, all hip-hop, EDM, dance

Favorite yoga pose?

Can I say child’s pose?! I love a good child’s pose!

Favorite mantra or affirmation?

Choices, chances, changes. Or believe it to achieve it.

What’s your go-to snack?

I'm a big fan of Tone It Up Protein shakes with banana, strawberries, nut butter, and almond milk.

What’s your morning routine?

I get up, do my Booty Call, drink coffee and lemon water, then I’m usually running off to teach a class every morning. There’s always something!

I do my Daily Toning Moves in Studio Tone It Up. I love the Daily Toning Moves because they work in planes of motion that I don't usually do.  Or I hit up a barre class or go for a jog in my neighborhood. For me personally, it helps me avoid injury. I’m always cross training.

What are three things you always carry in your bag? 

A Tone It Up Bar, Booty Bands because they help me do side lunges to wake up my glutes and core before I teach class, and water always!

Red, white, or pink wine?

All of the above! 😌

Morning personal or night owl?

Morning person!

What's your perfect Saturday?

I like the opportunity to sleep in if I could. Then I would get up and do an incredible workout so I could feel awesome for my day. Maybe a barre class or yoga sculpt. Just hanging out with my husband and my dog, going down to the beach, just hanging out and then have some good Netflix with some Stranger Things!

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