Love Your Body with Apple Cider Vinegar!

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We're throwing it back to these awesome tips on how to Love Your Body with Apple Cider Vinegar!

This powerful ingredient is an absolute must on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! It’s easy to find and has been shown to have many body boosting benefits. It's also one of the 40 Superfoods in the NEW Love Your Body Edition, where we go into detail about why this ingredient is so great for your healthy lifestyle! Learn more about this amazing NEW update here!


If you are following your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, you know how much we love our Meta-D or Bombshell Spell every morning! This is our ultra effective morning cocktail that improves metabolism and energy! Why we ♡ Apple Cider Vinegar  ~

 Keeps You Slim! Studies show that Apple Cider Vinegar helps regulate your blood sugar levels. This is an essential component of getting and staying lean! If your blood sugar levels are spiking and plummeting - simple starches like white bread, and sugary snacks will cause this - your body will store fat, increasing your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

 Aids in Weight Loss! Not only is Apple Cider Vinegar rich in important enzymes that help your body detox, but it can also help control appetite. No more crazy snack attacks! ;)

♥ It Keeps Your Body Balanced! If you enjoy coffee and the occasional cocktail (like we do!) it's essential to bring your body back to an alkaline state.  The acetic acid in ACV balances your pH to help keep your body alkaline and a balanced. A more alkaline body means better immune function and increased energy! Yes, vinegar is acidic, but don’t let that mislead you. It's effect on your body is extremely alkalizing. The same is true for lemons & limes.

♥ Gives You Sexy Hair! Use AVC once a week as a hair rinse, right after shampooing for shiny, voluminous, flowing locks. Oh yes, Beach Babe!

 Makes the Tastiest Salad Dressings! One part good olive oil, two parts Apple Cider Vinegar, a little sea salt and you’re good to go :) Another great reason to get in your unlimited greens your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

We also LOVE Marinating a big bowl of Kale with...
  • 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of Agave or Honey
  • 1/2 a squeeze of lemon
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
Toss chopped and de-stemmed kale leaves in the above mixture and allow to sit for a few hours. This gives you a sweeter, more tender way to enjoy your Kale ;) Go easy now. A little Apple Cider Vinegar a day goes a long way! TIP - Look for organic & unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar to get the most of these awesome benefits ;) If you’re a Tone It Up Nutrition Plan team member, you know how amazing Apple Cider Vinegar is for your body... and for that healthy, Beach Babe glow year around! It’s a key component of your Meta-D & Bombshell Spell, along with a handful of other metabolism boosting ingredients. This morning cocktail is a little secret Katrina and I discovered when we put together the nutrition plan and we drink it daily to increase our metabolism and to get a healthy boost before our BootyCall... oh does it WORK!

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