Love Your Body ~ Week 4 Sneak Peek

By Katrina Scott on
Katrina - Love Your Body Week 4 We made it babe ~ it’s Week 4 of your Love Your Body Series! Let’s celebrate our wins, grow from our challenges, and cheer 👏 each 👏 other 👏 on!  Don’t have the Tone It Up app? There’s still time to join the Series! And if you’ve been in it since the start, this week will be an amazing opportunity to track how far you’ve come.  In your Week 4 run-down, you’ll see a few familiar routines ~ from Super Sculpt Strength to Bombshell Booty + Abs. Push yourself to grab a heavier set of dumbbells, increase your reps, opt for a single-leg variation, or limit your rest between sets. And be sure to check in with us to share your incredible progress #TIUloveyourbody. You are incredible!! xxo, K&K Kettle Core Workout - Tone It Up Love Your Body

Kettle Core

Torch your core with Stef! This all-new kettlebell HIIT workout features 30-second rounds of seriously creative ab-sculpting moves. Make sure this one’s on your cal for TIU Tuesday ~ you won’t want to miss it! Chocolate Covered Cherry Pie Smoothie Recipe - Love Your Body

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pie Smoothie

So what are we sippin’ on post-workout? THIS sweet n’ sour cherry pie smoothie from TIU girl @deemullin09! It’s protein packed and antioxidant rich to get you back to 100 in no time. You’ll find the complete recipe in the Love Your Body Meal Plan HERE! Midday Mindful Meditation

Midday Mindful Meditation

Make the most of your lunch break! This 9-minute meditation with Karena will turn your midday slump into an energy bump! We love this quickie so much we might do it a couple times this week! 

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