How To Feel Confident From The Inside Out

By Katrina Scott on
For the final week of TIU2021, we’re talking CONFIDENCE! It was really important to us to end on this theme because we want to celebrate you — we see how beautiful, powerful, resilient, strong, and special you are, and we want to make sure you recognize that within yourself. 

We sometimes hear questions like, “How are you so confident?” or say, “Look at that girl, she’s so confident.” For most of us, confidence isn’t just something you automatically are, it’s something you can practice. We all have times when we feel confident, and others when doubt and insecurity creeps in. (Even the people you admire the most or who look like everything is “perfect” on Instagram feel that way.)

Confidence is about reminding yourself of your worth and the value you bring to this world — even on those days when you’re not naturally feeling it. 

So how do you do that? Here is our best advice for building and practicing self confidence. You have SO much to be confident about babe, so let it shine through ✨

Recognize there is only one YOU

One of the biggest barriers to confidence is comparison. When you catch yourself comparing yourself to others, remember you are not meant to be like them and they are not meant to be like you. Your body, your accomplishments, your timeline, your life is uniquely yours — and that’s your superpower!

Practice positive self talk 

The way you talk to yourself makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. Make sure you’re talking to yourself with as much kindness and compassion as you would talk to your best girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, or another girl in the TIU community. You would never be cruel or judgemental toward them, so why would you be to yourself?  

Stay in community 

We always feel stronger and more confident in community! Whenever you need a pick-me-up, you can turn to the TIU team to be surrounded by positivity. Scroll through IG #TIUteam or reach out to your accountability partners. Community support will lift you up and help you shine!

List out what you love

When you’re feeling great, make a list (an actual physical list in your journal) of all the things you love about yourself — your favorite qualities, what you find beautiful about yourself, all the things you’ve accomplished, the challenges you’ve pushed through, and the positive things you bring to the world. Look back on this list whenever you need a reminder!


Think about when you feel the most confident...and make it happen

Do you feel the most confident after finishing a workout? When you’re being creative or artistic? When you’re surrounded by family and friends? When you’re doing something you love? Take note of what makes you feel confident, and make that a priority in your schedule and life!

We see how special you are & we’re so inspired by you!

Congrats on crushing TIU2021! Keep up your amazing momentum with more programs and On Demand workouts in your Tone It Up app!

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