Here’s Exactly What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Protein

By Katrina Scott on

You probably know that protein is kind of a big deal. Protein's superstar power comes from its 20 different amino acids, which help you rev your metabolism, form and repair muscle, and grow healthy hair and nails. Your body naturally produces 11 amino acids and the other 9 are known as "essential amino acids." Your body doesn't make these, so that's where your healthy meals come in!

You can get protein from a wide range of foods — from lean meat, seafood, and eggs to plant-based sources like quinoa, beans, hemp, and legumes...and of course your plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO Tone It Up Protein! Every time you eat protein, you're fueling and nourishing your beautiful body. Today we're celebrating this powerhouse nutrient and sharing all the science-y details about its health benefits. 

The Perks Of Protein

Makes you feel satisfied

When your brain is telling you you need chocolate and pasta like right now, it’s most likely ghrelin (aka the "hunger hormone") talking. Ghrelin is a hormone produced mainly in your stomach and small intestine. It circulates in your bloodstream and sends signals to your brain that stimulate appetite. Plus, ghrelin has been shown to promote fat storage. The good news: Studies find that adding protein to your meals can lower levels of this hormone. Protein also ups your levels of the hormone peptide YY, which boosts your satiety.

Repairs & forms lean muscle

As a TIU girl, you know to have your protein smoothie, bar, or muffins within 30 minutes of a workout. Here's why: When you're crushing a tough workout, like weight training or HIIT, your muscle fibers break down. Your body needs protein's amino acids to synthesize new cells, which repair the damaged fibers and help form new, lean muscle. Research shows that post-workout protein can enhance gains in muscle strength and even your aerobic power!

Speeds up your metabolism

Protein requires more energy to digest, metabolize, and use compared to carbs and fat. This creates a thermic effect in your body. Translation: you burn calories just by digesting protein. This process can actually burn up to 30 percent of the calories you take in. Amazing, right?! Plus, after forming lean muscle with the combination of workouts and Tone It Up vegan protein powder your body requires even more energy to maintain that muscle. This boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories while at rest.

Makes maintenance easier

Studies show that protein not only helps you lose weight and reach your fitness goals, but maintain your results too!

Gives you a beauty boost

Amino acids in protein, such as L-lysine, can promote hair growth and give you gorgeous, flowing locks. Protein also helps keep your skin fab and glowing! ✨

So how much protein should you have a day?

Aim for a protein intake of  .8 - 1.6 grams per kilograms bodyweight a day, depending on your activity level. For example, a 130-pound woman should have 47 - 95 grams protein per day. Read through your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and check out our protein deals for more info on lean proteins and how to add them to your meals. While following the TIU guidelines and recipes, you’ll always have just what ya need! ;)

Get all these perks and more with your clean, gluten-free, non-GMO Tone It Up Protein powder and snacks!

Tone It Up protein powders, protein shakes, bites, and bars deliver clean, plant-based, gluten-free, vegan protein to fuel your fitness.

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This is the dopest thing ever. Yeet bro

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