Everything You Need To Know About Your Tone It Up 2021 Challenge

By Katrina Scott on

The new year is right around the corner and that means…your Tone It Up 2021 Challenge is almost here! 💪 🎉 🍾 👏

Join us for 6 weeks of fun workouts, delicious recipes, community support, accountability, and endless love to start 2021 stronger, together! This is the perfect opportunity to reset, refocus, and bring in new energy for the new year.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the challenge ~ we’re answering all your questions so you’re ready to go.

We can’t wait to kick off this challenge with you babe. Sign up HERE ~ we all start together on January 4th! 🤗

Your Tone It Up Trainers

What does the challenge include?

The 6-week challenge includes: 

* At-home workouts customized to your individual goals
* A brand new 6-week meal plan with delicious recipes, meal guides, and grocery lists
* LIVE workouts with your favorite trainers
* LIVE meal prep sessions in the kitchen 
* Trainer Q&As to help you reach your goals
* Amazing giveaways 
* Community and connection to keep you motivated
* Accountability and LOVE from this #TIUteam 

When does it start?

We’re all kicking off the challenge as a team on January 4th, so mark your cal!

How do I do the challenge?

Your goal is to crush 30 workouts in the TIU app in six weeks. We’ll also be following the meal plan, so we’re all in it together!

Every day, check in with your workouts on Instagram with the hashtag #TIU2021 and you'll be entered to receive weekly prizes!

How do I join the challenge in the app?

When you open your app on January 4th, you'll see a Challenge Welcome popup! Tap to join us — then get started!

Where do I get my workouts?

In the Tone It Up app! Download the app to access your On Demand workouts, programs, and connect with your community!

What are the workouts?

The amazing part about this challenge is that you can customize it to choose the workout program that’s best for YOUR individual goals. 

What program should I choose?

This is the beauty of Tone It Up! Every woman is on her own journey and has unique goals, and we honor you and your lifestyle! So whatever you want to achieve in the new year, choose the program that best fits your needs. 

Choose from these programs in the TIU app

* NEW! 7 Day Jumpstart - Beginner-friendly workouts for breakthrough results

* NEW! 30 Day Booty - Build the booty of your dreams in just 3 hours per week

* Tone It Up Strength - See results & get empowered with a science-backed program

* Toned Body, Toned Mind - Yoga & meditation to awaken your body, mind, & spirit

* Beach Babe - Work out on on the beach and feel toned & confident 

* 14 Day Slay - Metabolism-boosting workouts for fast results

* Love Your Body - Body kindness, self-love, & workouts under 30 mins a day 

* Tone It Up Pregnancy - Workouts for all trimesters from home

* Tone It Up Mama - Short and sweet postnatal workouts 

* OR create your own schedule with hundreds of workouts in the On Demand section. We have more training styles than ever before — HIIT, strength training, yoga, kickboxing, cardio, indoor cycling, barre, agility, dance, and more. 

Whatever program you're doing, you're still “doing the challenge” and we're all supporting each other along the way!

Where can I find my meal plan?

Your meal plan will be in the nutrition section of your app just before the challenge kicks off! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂 

What can I expect in my new plan?

Delicious and easy new recipes (scrambles, tray bakes, lean bowls, soups, healthy desserts, and more), customizable meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, and nutrition advice to make healthy eating work for you. 

Can I mix and match the meals?

Of course! The meal-by-meal guides are just suggestions for you. Do what works for YOU and your lifestyle! Feel free to swap in other recipes from the plan or ToneItUp.com. You’re still “on the plan” as long as you’re following the Nutrition Guidelines laid out in your meal plan. 

Can I substitute ingredients?

If there’s an ingredient you can’t have, don’t love, or can’t find right now, feel free to sub in another. Just make sure it fits in with your Nutrition Guidelines. View the Ingredient Substitutions page in the meal plan for suggestions. 

What's the best way to connect with the #TIUteam and stay motivated?

Created a TIU Instagram account! So many girls do this and it's the best way to motivate, inspire, and connect with others. It's also the best accountability tool! 

Here’s how to do it: Create an Instagram account and use the word "tiu" or "toneitup" in it. Feel free to make it your own, but make sure to add that you're a TIU girl in your bio. Then search TIU hashtags and add girls in the community. You're going to love connecting with everyone!

How do I check in and connect with other girls?

There are a few ways to connect! We recommend going through the hashtag #TIU2021 and following other women in the community to support them. Once you know someone's name, you can also connect with them in the app. Make sure to use #TIUcheckin when sharing your workouts or meals!

Follow @ToneItUp on Instagram and use the hashtags #TIUteam, #toneitupnutrition, #TIU2021, and if you're in a program, use the program hashtag too!

We'll also be hosting LIVE workouts and cooking shows on Instagram @ToneItUp @ToneItUpNutrition.

How do I connect with my trainers?

Check out this post HERE to meet your trainers and connect with them on Instagram. You'll have access to any of their live workouts, schedules, and can tag them once you do a workout! We love seeing all of your checkins 🤗

What should I have on hand at home?

We put together a few bundles with everything you need for the challenge. From protein and collagen to ankle weights and toning ropes, you'll be all prepped to go! Get your bundle HERE.

We can't wait to do this challenge with you! 

Ready to get stronger together? Join us for the Tone It Up 2021 Challenge — 6 weeks of new workouts, healthy recipes, and so much love and connection from the TIU Community. We all start on January 4th!

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