4 Cardio Shortcuts the Fittest Trainers Swear By

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Cardio Workout Karena Katrina The holiday season is here! And with all the fun and festivities, also comes the inevitable busyness of the end-of-year. That’s why we’re all about getting ahead of all the craziness and squeezing in a sweat whenever you can! Exercise is one of THE best ways to de-stress, so at a time when you’re giving so much love to other people, don’t forget to show yourself some, too! To help you out, we asked your Studio Tone It Up trainers Stef, Chyna, and Tori their favorite ways to get in a some quick cardio during this super busy season! One of the genius tips from all three trainers: letting your friends and fam know about your exercise plans! Tell them you need to get up early to go for a run, hit the gym, or fit in your Tone It Up app workout — we promise they will support your commitment and might even join in! You can also schedule a class with a girlfriend like Tori did the morning after Thanksgiving — it’s all about accountability babe!  Here are a few more of their best tips to fit your fitness in — and feel good doin’ it. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself this holiday season! It’s always OK to miss a sweat if you need to. We’ll be here when you’re ready to jump back in!! xxo, K&K

4 Cardio Shortcuts from Your TIU Trainers

Try this jump squat exercises to raise your heart rate and get

Get Your HIIT On

“My favorite way to squeeze in cardio on a super busy day is treadmill intervals. And if I don’t have equipment, bodyweight moves Tabata-style is my go-to,” says Stef. That’s 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeated 8 times! Squat jumps, skaters, and froggers — no matter which moves you choose, think about pushing the speed while aiming to maintain solid form. For a complete routine, try Stef’s Tabata Babe routine in your Tone It Up app!

Schedule a Morning Sweat

Chyna’s on the HIIT bandwagon, too. And the earlier, the better, she says. “My biggest tip to get those workouts in during the holidays is to commit to doing it first thing in the morning. This is a time where you have no excuses. You aren’t missing out on any festivities, and it helps you get in the right mindset to create healthy choices throughout the day,” says Chyna, who’s cardio routine almost always consists of all-out efforts followed by brief rest periods (aka interval training).  Chyna turns to high knees, plank jacks, and her favorite, burpees for those bursts of power. “I make sure my burpees are nice and controlled to get maximum efficiency. If done correctly, burpees will work your entire body! Everything from planks, push-ups, squats, and squat jumps in one move,” she says. Check out Chyna’s Burpee Time workout in the On Demand section of your Tone It Up app — it’s just 4 minutes! 

Get a Better Burn with a Booty Band 

When life gets busy, Studio Tone It Up trainer Tori is all about the booty band. “It’s so easy to throw the band on while you’re traveling, winding down from the day, watching TV, or even while you’re in the kitchen getting meals together,” Tori says.  “I love doing a few squats and kickbacks, and then dropping down for a plank burnout, which can be repeated however many times you like,” Tori says. And when you’re hanging out in front of the TV, Tori’s fave booty band routine couldn’t be more simple. “Lying on my side, I do rainbows with my leg, fire hydrants, and lots of pulsing gets my heart rate up while getting to wind down from the day.” The perfect combo, if you ask us! 

Crush a Core Circuit

Another way to level up your TV break? This quick ab circuit from Stef, which combines plank-based core exercises with those done on your back. “In plank position, many stabilizing muscle groups are recruited. When it’s time to flip over onto your back, your core is warmed up and ready to specifically target the multilayered abdominal muscles — which are already on fire from the last set,” she says. Here’s your plan for setting those abs ablaze: Plank position: slow mountain climber, forearm plank saw, cross-body mountain climbers, and side planks (right and left). Do each for 30 seconds and 2-3 rounds.  On your back: crunches, hollow hold, bicycles, rock the boat. Do each for 30 seconds and 2-3 rounds.

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