5 Yoga Poses to Show Your Body Love

By Katrina Scott on
Flow With Love - Love Your Body Series Hey gorgeous! Welcome to Week 1 of your Love Your Body series! This is always my favorite series of the year because it’s all about reconnecting with your mind, body, and spirit...and doing what feels good for YOU!  Kat and I knew we wanted to kick off this challenge with a much-deserved dose of self-care. And so for Day 2 I created a brand new yoga flow just for you: Flow With Love. Sounds perfect right? Meet me in your Tone It Up app TODAY for the full 20-minute sequence to feel strong, supported, and stress-free. One of my favorite things about this routine — and yoga in general — is that it requires you to be fully present on your mat. And practicing mindfulness, from your breath to your body alignment to your thoughts has an incredible way of bringing clarity to your day. Plus, you girls know how much I love a good stretch to ease tension, lengthen your muscles, and feel amazing head to toe!  Below, check out 5 of my favorite yoga poses featured in your Flow With Love routine! And don’t forget to share your checkins #TIULoveYourBody. This is going to be such a fun and fulfilling 4 weeks! Namaste babe! xxo, Karena

Show Your Body Love With These 5 Yoga Poses

During each pose, make sure you’re taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. To see how to make ‘em flow together, check out the full routine in your Tone It Up app Three Legged Dog - Best Yoga Poses Love Your Body

Three-Legged Dog

Downward-facing dog is a signature yoga move — and one every yogi should master. When you lift one leg, it requires added core stability and balance, as you stretch through your back and work on shoulder stability, too. Plus, this pose works great to transition to Warrior II. Form tip: Start in a high plank to set your hands and feet at the proper distance. Lift your hips up from here, and you’ll hit a strong downward-facing dog. Aim to keep your hips square to the ground as you lift one leg.  Warrior II - Best Yoga Poses Love Your Body

Warrior II

Reaching from fingertip to fingertip creates space through the chest and a stretch through the upper body. Your legs will get a workout holding your lunge position, while your core keeps you standing tall. Form tip: Keep your spine neutral by slightly tucking your pelvis forward. Make sure to keep a bend in your front knee, aiming for about 90 degrees.  Wide-Legged Forward Fold - Best Yoga Poses Love Your Body

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

You’ll feel an amazing stretch in the hamstrings with this wide-legged stance that offers a little more stability than your typically narrow foot placement. With your hands interlaced behind your back, you should also feel a nice stretch in your chest, which will help to better your posture. Form tip: Keep your feet parallel to each other and your legs as straight as you can. Let your head hang loose at the bottom to feel fully relaxed.  Crescent Lunge w Twist - Best Yoga Poses Love Your Body

Crescent Lunge with Twist

Stretch and strength your lower half thanks to the staggered stance that requires serious balance. The twist offers rotation through your spine, helping to improve posture and waken up the muscles of your back, chest, shoulders, and neck. Form tip: Push into the elbow that’s against your thigh to help lift your chest and align your hands to the center of your chest. Press through the back heel to activate the back leg as you maintain a bend in your front knee.  Pigeon Pose - Best Yoga Poses Love Your Body

Pigeon Pose

This one’s all in the hips! You should feel a nice, soothing stretch through the hip and glute of the bent leg. Hold for as long as you can...or for as long as it feels good. You can walk your hands forward and bend at the waist to deepen the stretch. Form tip: Aim to keep your hips square to the ground, without settling onto one side. You can place a blanket or bolster under the hip of the bent leg if that feels more supported. 

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