3 Weight Training Techniques to Get Stronger Than Ever

By Katrina Scott on
Tone It Up Strength Program Hi babe! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with the fam. My goal was to get in all five of my strength workouts in the Tone It Up app, and wow was that a challenge with all the craziness of the week! I’m so glad I made it a priority though — nothing quite compares to the feeling you get when you pick up a set of dumbbells and get after it! Just me?!  If you haven’t checked out the Tone It Up Strength program yet, now is an amazing time to start lifting heavy! There are so many incredible benefits of strength training, beyond just building gorgeous muscle tone. Weight training has been proven to help you get leaner, boost your metabolism, improve your posture, and make everyday tasks easier. (TIU mamas I see you! 😅)  The best part about your TIU Strength workouts is that they’re designed to maximize all these incredible benefits...quickly! The program is six weeks, and you can expect to see results even sooner than that. Don’t believe me? Download the app to try it yourself! And for a sneak peek, I’m sharing three of my favorite weight training techniques we utilize in the program. Each technique will help you get one step closer to your goals: whether that’s building a stronger booty, boosting your upper body strength, scoring toned abs…or all of the above!! Check out the tips below and don’t forget to show us your progress! #TIUstrength 🏋️‍♀️💪 xxo, Kat

3 Weight Training Tips to Maximize Your Strength

One of the simplest ways to maximize strength? Keep challenging yourself by picking up heavier weights. Here are a few more ways you can increase strength and stability, featured in the Tone It Up Strength program! Head HERE to try it! 


A superset involves two exercises in one set! So you’ll do one move, then the next, back to back. Take a short rest, then continue alternating for two to three rounds. In the Tone It Up Strength program, you’ll see us superset moves like lat pull downs and cross-body bicep curls, or lunges and plie squats. By doing two exercises that challenge different muscles back to back, you can maximize your time, turn up your strength gains, and pump up your heart rate, too!  Tone It Up Strength - Tricep Dips Training to Failure

Train to Failure

In the Tone It Up Strength program, many of the exercises follow a 8-12 rep range. The goal is to bust out those reps so the last one feels super challenging. Another way to up the difficulty: training to failure. If it sounds intense, well...it is! The idea is to keep pushing through those reps until your muscles feel so tired that you literally cannot do another rep while maintaining your form. Bench tricep dips and bicep curls were a few ways we put Studio Tone It Up trainer Chyna to the test in the program. Why it works: By fatiguing the muscle, you break it down so it has to rebuild even stronger! Consider this when choosing your weight and use it as motivation to go a little heavier, and push for ONE. MORE. REP.  

Tempo Train

Changing up the speed at which you complete each exercise is another way to switch up your workout and see results! I like to think about slowing down the downward phase of an exercise ~ like lowering into a squat or a deadlift. (Read more about eccentric training here!) You’ll see this on your Leg Day workouts in the TIU Strength program, I coach Chyna to squat down on a three-count and stand back up on one! By moving extra slow and with control, you work the eccentric action (when your muscle is lengthening) which can lead to bigger strength gains, more quickly!  For quick, fun, and effective strength workouts, sign up for the Tone It Up Strength program now!

Try our quick, fun, and effective strength routines in the Tone It Up app! You'll break a sweat and see serious results fast!

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