The 5 Best Ways to Lift Your Booty

By Katrina Scott on
Chyna Back Booty Workout One of the burning questions we get from you girls: How do I get a bigger, stronger, and perkier booty? First off, remember it’s not all aesthetics. That gorgeous backside of yours does serious work — your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your entire body! And if you want to make it a little stronger or sit a little higher, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for making that happen!  Step one: Check out your Tone It Up app today for Chyna’s Back + Booty workout! She takes you through a few rounds of some majorly sculpting moves — believe us, you will feel the burn! And in addition to working your glutes, she has some back-strengthening moves too! Next up, take a look at our strategies below for lifting your booty and making that cute backside firm and strong! Remember to use your mind-muscle connection to activate those glutes whenever you’re working ‘em. And keep pushing until you reach fatigue! You got this girl!  xxo, K&K

5 Ways to Lift Your Booty

Squat, Deadlift & Lunge

A few key lower-body exercises will target your booty, including squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Each of these moves require your glutes to kick in as you stand up from the move. The stronger you get as you work through these exercises, the more your booty will perk up as you build muscle in your backside.  How to Lift Your Booty - Chyna Donkey Kick Exercise

Work Your Hip Extension

When we sit at a desk all day, our hips hit a flexed position and our glutes get a stretch. To counteract that — and work the glute contraction that can lead to a lifted booty — you want to focus on extending the hip. Your best bets in terms of exercises: glute bridges and kickbacks. 

Switch to Single-Leg Work

The glutes hit overdrive when you stand on one leg, as they work to keep you stable. So whether you’re doing single-side strength work, like single-leg deadlifts or squats or lunges (curtsy, reverse, or lateral variations will all do the trick!) or you balance on one leg during upper body exercises, you should feel that intense burn in your backside. That’s your ticket to a perky booty!

Grab Weights

To give your booty a boost you want to add some muscle back there! Don’t get us wrong: bodyweight squats burn (and we love them for it!). To keep challenging your body, we encourage you to add resistance too! Grab your dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell for those squats, bridges, and deadlifts. By the time you complete the final rep of each set, you should feel so tired that it’s tough to knock out perfect form. If it feels easy by that last rep, grab a heavier set of weights. Check out our guide to picking the right weights HERE How to Lift Your Booty - Chyna Jump Squat Exercise

HIIT Some Cardio

Round out your booty-lifting routine (pun intended!) with some cardio intervals! By revving your heart rate, you burn more calories and turn up your metabolism — and if you’re doing the right moves, it can help burn out your booty. Turn squats or lunges into plyometric moves by making them explosive. Ignite that fire babe!

Try some of our fave quick & effective HIIT routines in the Tone It Up app! You'll break a sweat and see serious results fast!

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