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The Best Time Of Day To Eat Carbs

The Best Time Of Day To Eat Carbs

One of the biggest nutrition misconceptions is that all carbs are bad for you, and you should nix them from your meals. The truth is: carbohydrates are our main source of energy, and their fiber and essential nutrients fuel us every day. We LOVE carbs!

It’s all about choosing the healthiest carbs AND the right time of day to eat them. Timing really is everything! 

So what is the best time? 

Before 3 pm! We recommend eating complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, starchy vegetables, and sprouted Ezekiel bread) with breakfast and lunch only. 

What about dinner? 

Think of it as your metabolism meal! Instead of wondering what rice or potato to reach for, make dinner all about lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of veggies. You can also do quinoa, beans, and lentils with dinner. 

Why limit carbs at dinner? 

This has been one of the most amazing changes we’ve ever made! Stick to this and your muscles will be poppin’ and you’ll feel lean, energized, and sleep better too!

When you eat carbs at night, they can spike your blood sugar, which causes your body to release insulin and cortisol that signals your body to store fat. Eating starches at night can also make your digestion sluggish, which interrupts your sleep cycle. 

When you have starches in the morning, your body has all day to burn that fuel and balance your blood sugar levels with activity. 

Plus, if you’re not serving up starches at night, that leaves you more room for protein and veggies that will benefit you more. 

Looking for delicious Lean, Clean, ‘N Green dinner ideas?

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