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The BEST Quick Ab Workout!

The BEST Quick Ab Workout!

Katrina-Abs-Beach-Workout-Tone-It-Up Happy Tone It Up Tuesday! Today we're working the waistline with a do-anywhere ab routine to target every angle of your beautiful core! All you need is a mat, some water and 7 minutes. This workout is perfect if you're on a time crunch :) Get ready to feel the burn in your lower abs and obliques... For the best tummy toning benefits complete this workout up to 3 times through! If you're on a serious waistline defining mission, remember that ABS are made with your workouts, but revealed with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. tiu-line1

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Eating Lean, Clean N' Green is the BEST way to firm up your midsection, FAST! Replenish your body post workout with a protein filled treat like your Creamy Avo Dreamy Shake from your Bikini Program.

Avocado Smoothie Tone It Up