5 Tips to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

By Katrina Scott on

The tree is up, the holiday lights are on, and the Christmas songs are playing (we’ve already got Mariah on repeat)...yep, it’s the most wonderful time of the year ♥️🎄🎁 

We know the holidays may look and feel a little different this year. Remember it’s still an opportunity to connect with your loved ones and community and take time for YOU! Plus, holiday cookies and eggnog...it’s all about balance, right? 😉 

We want you to feel your best while you celebrate, so we’re sharing our five best tips for a happy, healthy holiday season. 

Stick to your morning routine

When you start your day off right, you’ll feel amazing no matter what comes up later in the day. Sip hot water with lemon (add cayenne for an extra kick and metabolism-boosting benefits or apple cider vinegar to help cut sugar cravings), get your sweat sesh in, and whip up a protein smoothie. You’ll feel strong and energized for the rest of the day 💪  

Make a new workout goal 

Give yourself a new goal for this month — whether it’s doing 3 - 4 workouts a week in your TIU app, incorporating cardio twice a week, or going for a sunset stroll every night. Another amazing way to hold yourself accountable: start a new program in your app. It’s the perfect time to squeeze in the 14 Day Slay before the holidays!

Make time for mindfulness

The holidays can be extra stressful, so we invite you to incorporate meditation into your routine this month. Start with 2 - 3 days a week and work your way up to more. You can find all types of guided meditations — everything from stress relief to happiness to gratitude — in the On Demand section of your app. This month we’re loving: Self-Care For the Soul, Moving Meditation + Stretch, and Loving Kindness. 

Whip up healthy holiday treats 

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some special sweets! Check out our TIU approved gingerbread donuts and peppermint cookies here, plus more healthy holiday cookies here. Plan a baking night with your family or leave a batch on your friends’ doorsteps to show them how much you love them!

Invite the fam 

Get your loved ones in on it! Invite them to join you for a LIVE workout, go for a morning or sunset stroll together, or FaceTime to catch up while you make some of the recipes above.

BONUS TIP: Enjoy babe!

No matter what you’re up to this holiday season, remember to take it easy and show yourself love. Get lots of sleep, enjoy all the cookies and wine, and take time for yourself. ‘Tis the season for balance 🤗

Love HIIT, strength training, and yoga? Join us in the Tone It Up app for hundreds of fun and effective workouts you can do right at home!

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