5 Proven Pre-Workout Tips

By Katrina Scott on

Primed and ready to ROCK!


Sculpting your tush, strengthening your arms, toning your core, and boosting your metabolism... all accomplished with your daily sweat sesh! Workouts do so many incredible things for your beautiful bod, but don't forget about your pre-workout routine! Your pre-workout is when you get your muscles and mind ready to kick some booty. When done properly, it can enhance your performance and decrease risk for injury. The perks of being prepared!


Take shots, shots, shots

ESPRESSO shots! ;) We love sipping on our coffees before Booty Call because it gets us mentally and physically ready to tone! Caffeine can boost your mood by increasing dopamine levels. Translation: It helps you get excited about tuck jumps!!

Plus, studies have found that caffeine increases lipolysis (aka fat breakdown) rather than using up glycogen - stored glucose in your muscles. The right amount of caffeine makes a difference. Research has found that moderate caffeine intake, 3 to 6 mg per kg body weight, an hour before activity is optimal for best results.

Make sure your coffee doesn't contain added sugar or fat! Plain black java is best, but you can also add unsweetened almond or other nut-based milks.

Press pause on breakfast

Exercising first thing in the morning - before you've eaten - is best for working your waistline! When you wake up, your body is in a fasting state. If you work out before whipping up a smoothie or Sassy Scramble, it ups the level of fat oxidation - burning fat for fuel. Plus, doing your Booty Call pre-brekky can help decrease indigestion during your morning run.


If you NEED a lil' something...

Everyone's bodies are different, and some people need a bit of clean pre-workout fuel. If you're craving a snack pre-sweat sesh, choose something with healthy carbohydrates and protein. Studies have found that adding protein to your pre-workout meal helps increase strength and lean muscle mass. Try 1/2 cup cooked oats with 1 Tbsp. almond butter, 1/2 banana with 1 Tbsp. sunflower seeds, 1 scoop Perfect Fit Protein with 8 oz. almond milk, or 1 Pumpkin Chai Muffin.

Drink up

Your body becomes dehydrated as you sleep, so it's important to drink water when you first wake up. We like to sip an 8 oz. glass before we start our workout. (You don't want to drink too much or you risk getting yucky stomach cramps.)  If you aren't really a fan of plain H20, add some natural flavorings like ginger, mint, lemon, lime, or even berries!

Get movin'

Warm up your muscles to prevent injury and get the most out of your workout. The basic goal of a warmup is to increase blood flow to muscles and heat up the body. You should be glowing but not pouring sweat after your warmup. We like to start with a basic low-intensity exercise like a jog, bike, walk, or even some jumping jacks for 5 minutes. From here, we move into more specific movements related to the workout. If you're planning on working your booty, perform some walking lunges or body weight squats first. Toning your arms? Grab lighter weights (or resistance bands!) and start with some bicep curls or shoulder presses. Just get your bod going!



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