5 New Kettlebell HIIT Moves To Sculpt And Sweat

By Katrina Scott on

Hey babe! Today in your Tone It Up app we’re combining two of our all-time favorites ~ kettlebells and HIIT ~ for a killer workout! Kettlebells are functional, fun, and freakin’ amazing for building strength and muscle tone. And high intensity interval training (HIIT) brings the heat — it’s quick and efficient, strengthens your heart, and boosts your metabolic rate with cardio bursts.  In today’s Kettlebell HIIT workout with Stef, you’ll sculpt your legs, booty, arms, and core in a series of quick, effective circuits. Want a sneak peek? Check out 5 sweaty, body-sculpting moves straight from the app workout. We can’t wait to see you in class!!! xxo, K&K

5 Quick Kettlebell HIIT Exercises

Do the following circuit for three rounds, going hard for 60 seconds per move, followed by 15 seconds rest. For the complete 20-minute total body kettlebell workout, head to your Tone It Up app!   Join Tone It Up for a new ketlebell high intensity interval training workout to raise your heart rate and tone your full body.

Hang Clean + Sumo Squat

Tones your booty and legs. Begin standing with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed outward, holding a kettlebell in both hands. With a flat back and core engaged, hinge at the hips, bringing the kettlebell toward the ground. Then, explode back up to standing, driving through your heels, and bring the kettlebell up to chest height. In one continuous motion, sit your booty back into a sumo squat, thighs as close to parallel to the ground as you can get them, knees over ankles. Come up to standing and repeat. Do for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds.   This kettlbell jumping jack exercise move with boost your metabolism and tone your total body.

Kettlebell Jumping Jack

Sculpts your legs, core, and arms, and boosts your heart rate! Standing with feet together, hold a kettlebell in both hands at chest level. Jump your feet out wider than hip distance apart as you simultaneously press the kettlebell overhead. Jump your feet back together as you lower the kettlebell back to chest height. Pick up the pace, landing softly and keeping your core engaged. Do for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds. This kettlebell squat exercise will tone your glutes, booty, and legs.

Kettlebell Drop Squat + Pulse

Targets your booty and legs, and revs your metabolism.   Begin standing with your feet together, holding a kettlebell in both hands at chest height. Jump your feet slightly wider than your hips and lower into a squat by sending your booty down and back. Pulse three times at the bottom of the squat, then jump your feet back together as you raise back up to standing. Do for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds.

Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Tones your booty, legs, and core, and spikes your heart rate! Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, holding a kettlebell in your right hand, arms extended down in front of you. Hinging at the hips, swing the kettlebell straight back in between your legs. Driving your hips forward, swing the kettlebell up to chest level as you bring your left arm to meet it. Swap hands in mid-air, then swing the kettlebell back in between your legs with your left hand. Continue to alternate hands with each swing. Remember the power from this move comes from your lower body — not the arms or shoulders. Do for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds.   Try this kettebell HIIT workout to get amazing fitness results.

Kettlebell Around the World

Sculpts your core. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and a kettlebell in you left hand at your side. Engage your core as you pass the kettlebell to your right hand behind your back. Continue moving the kettlebell in a counterclockwise direction, passing it in front of your body from your right to left hand. Do for 60 seconds, switching directions halfway through, rest for 15 seconds.

The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.

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