3 New Kettlebell Moves To Sculpt Your Gorgeous Core

By Katrina Scott on

Hey babe! Ready to go hardcore today? ‘Cause we’re working your abs from every angle and rocking it with one of the best strength and conditioning tools out there ~ the kettlebell! Check out your Tone It Up app today to get the full Kettlebell Core workout from Stef! She leads you through more than 20 minutes of ab-focused exercises that seriously sculpt and strengthen your middle. The kettlebell is such a great piece of equipment to crush that core work because it adds a little instability to each move (thanks to the shape of it!) and that makes your midsection muscles work in overdrive. Hellooo toned abs, back, and more! Tight on time? Get your core working right now with these three moves from Stef’s workout. You’ll feel the burn and see results in no time! Make sure you check in with us after your workout on Instagram #TIUteam & #StudioToneItUp. We'll be looking out for you! xxo, K&K

Tone Your Abs With 3 Quick Moves

From your obliques (the side of your abs) to the rectus abdominis (those six-pack muscles), you’ll target your abs from every angle! Start with a light kettlebell if you’ve never used one before ~ and feel free to go heavier if you have! To torch and tone every muscle, do three rounds of these exercises. It’s all about strength to the core!

Overhead Press with Tic Toc

Works your obliques, back, arms, and legs!

Begin standing with feet a little wider than hip-width apart, toes turned slightly outward. Hold a kettlebell with both hands by the handle or top of the bell. Lower down into a sumo squat position, knees bent about 90 degrees and core engaged to keep spine neutral, and hold. With the kettlebell starting at chest height, press it straight overhead, biceps by ears. Holding the kettlebell overhead, bend from the waist to the left. Stand back up to center. Then bend from the waist to the right. Stand back up. Continue alternating.

Do 8 reps on each side.

Figure 8s

Targets your core and arms! Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, slight bend in your knees. Hold a kettlebell with both hands by the handle or top of the bell. Extend your arms out, and move the bell in a figure-eight shape, going from left to right. Repeat, then switch to move the bell in a figure-eight shape from right to left.  Do 8 reps in each direction. 

Ab Full Extensions

Strengthens your rectus abdominis and arms! Begin lying on your back on a mat, holding a kettlebell with both hands by the bottom of the bell. Extend your arms overhead and legs straight out. Exhale to sit all the way up, bringing your knees in toward your chest and your arms in front of you, over your knees. Inhale to slowly lower back down and repeat.  Do 10 reps.  The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.  

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