3 HIIT Moves For The Ultimate Tabata Workout

By Katrina Scott on
3 high intensity interval training exercises for the ultimate metabolism boosting tabata workout Hey babe! We’re back at it after the long weekend! And what better way to HIIT the ground running than with a metabolism-revving Tabata workout with your Studio Tone It Up trainer Stef?!  If you’re new to Tabata, it’s an extra-intense form of high intensity interval training that looks a little somethin’ like this: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times! Yup, that’s just 4 minutes of serious sweat in the name of better cardiovascular fitness, boosted metabolism, and leaner body composition. (For more on Tabata training, here's your ultimate guide!)     Convinced yet?! Head straight to your Tone It Up app for the complete 20-minute Tabata Babe routine! Not only will this workout deliver major cardio, it’ll help you form lean, gorgeous muscle from head to toe with functional, total-body moves. Check out the mini workout below for a taste of the Tabata-inspired action. And be sure to sign up for the full class with us TODAY in your TIU app!    We got this girl!!!  xxo, K&K

3 HIIT Moves For The Ultimate Tabata Workout

Do the following 3 moves 8 times through for a crazy-intense routine done in 12 minutes flat! And remember, the complete follow-along workout is waiting for you in the Tone It Up app! Stef’s words of encouragement are everythingggg!

Woman Makers

Sculpts your total body and boosts your metabolism!  Stand with feet hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Drop down into a plank position by planting dumbbells on the ground, palms facing each other, then hopping your legs out behind you. With your core engaged and hips square to the ground, row the right dumbbell up to chest height, keeping elbow tucked closely to your torso. Bring right dumbbell back to the ground then repeat on the left side. Hop both legs back toward your hands, and come to standing.  Do 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times! 

Stationary Lunge + Raise

Targets your booty, legs, and shoulders!  Holding a dumbbell in each hand, take a big step forward with your right foot and lower into a lunge position. Both knees should form 90-degree angles, with your back knee hovering just above the ground. As you come up to standing, raise your left arm in front of you and your right arm out to your side, both to shoulder height. Lower your arms as you lower back into the lunge position.  Do 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then switch sides. Repeat 4 times on each side! 

Dumbbell Hop Over

Tones your legs and core, and revs your heart rate!  It’s cardio time! Place a set of dumbbells down the middle of your mat, and stand to one side. Engaging your core, jump over the dumbbells and land softly on the other side. Continue jumping back and forth ~ picking up speed as you go!  Do 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times!  The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.  

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