3 Form Tweaks To Nail The Perfect Squat

By Katrina Scott on
Hey babe! You know we LOVE a good booty burn! And one of our absolute favorite ways to get it: squats! That’s why today’s workout in your Tone It Up app is all about this one move ~ with plenty of ways to mix it up so your muscles (and your mind) stay challenged! Check out your Tone It Up app today to get the full Drop It Like A Squat workout! You’ll not only get low through the legs, but you’ll also squeeze in core work and cardio bursts, so you'll rev your metabolism too!  Because Stef and Chyna lead you through some pretty intense squat variations ~ pulses, pliés, jumps, single-leg work (seriously you hit it all!) ~ it’s key to nail strong form! So we’re sharing our best tips for the perfect squat, helping you get all the benefits. From a perky booty and strong legs to an incredibly solid core, the squat does it all! Here’s how to drop it low and do it right! xxo,  K&K

3 Form Tips for a Stronger Squat

Start with the hips

Getting low requires more than simply bending your knees. Instead, pretend there’s a chair behind you and reach your booty back to sit on it. Now go even lower so your thighs are parallel to the floor or your hips reach just below your knee crease (depending on how flexible you are!). By shifting the weight to your heels, you get more of the glutes and hamstrings involved in the squat, rather than just your quads and calves. When you reach the bottom, press through the entire foot to stand back to the top!

Keep your chest up and back flat

The crucial element to a strong squat: core engagement! Brace your abs as you lower so your spine stays in neutral alignment. Make sure you don’t round the shoulders ~ think tall, proud posture! Inhaling on the way down and exhaling to the top will help keep your chest up and shoulders back.

Check your knee alignment

Try to keep your knees tracking over your second toe. If your knees come too far past your toes, you’re using your quads way more than your booty and missing out on the 360-degree leg work. Watch yourself in the mirror and make sure your knees don’t cave in toward each other. Drive them out so they stay in line with your ankles ~ that way your glutes get in on the action! Pro tip: watch yourself from the side, checking that your shins are parallel to each other at the bottom of the squat.  Now try these tips with your new Drop It Like a Squat workout in the Tone It Up app! Let's get it! 🍑 The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.

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