25+ Simple Ways To Celebrate Self-Care Month

By Katrina Scott on

Morning beautiful! As we move into September (side note...how is it already September?!), weā€™re celebrating National Self-Care Awareness Month!

Here at TIU, we believe self-care is a daily practice ~ every month, every year! But in honor of this special month, we encourage you to give your body, mind, and spirit a little extra love šŸ’›

Self-care looks different for everyone at different times ā€” some days itā€™s taking a luxurious bubble bath, some days itā€™s just washing your hair! Some days itā€™s a workout, some days itā€™s a nap! The bottom line is listening to yourself and doing what YOU need to feel your best.Ā 

Remember, taking care of you is an act of love and respect ā€” not just for yourself, but for everyone in your life. Itā€™s not selfish, itā€™s not lazy, itā€™s 1000% needed...and you deserve it!

25+ Easy Ways To Practice Self-CareĀ 

* Moving your body ~ TIU app workout, walk, dance party, whatever feels good to you!

* Getting out in nature

* Meditating ~ join for guided meditations with Karena in the app

* Journaling

* Taking a bubble bath (we love throwing in epsom salts for muscle recovery)Ā 

* Calling a girlfriendĀ 

* Time with family & loved onesĀ 

* Curling up with a bookĀ 

* Cooking your favorite mealsĀ 

* Having a glass of wine or kombuchaĀ 

* Taking a nap

* Doing a face mask or taking some extra time with your skincare routine

* Stretching or foam rolling routine in the appĀ 

* Using essential oils like lavender to unwind

* Getting creative ~ painting, drawing, crafts, singing

* Giving yourself a mani/pediĀ 

* Washing your hair with your fave shampooĀ 

* Disconnecting from your phone for a day ~ or even an hour

* Savoring your morning coffee or tea for a few extra minsĀ 

* Breathwork ~ learn more about it here

* Listening to relaxing musicĀ 

* Practicing positive affirmationsĀ Ā 

* Lighting candles

* Baking your fave treats

* Extra early bedtimeĀ 

* Snuggles with your fam or pets

What are YOUR favorite forms of self-care?Ā Share your pics with us on Insta @toneitup.Ā 

Join us in the Tone It Up App FREE for the entire month of September for yoga, stretching,Ā meditations, and so much more!

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