14 Day Yoga Sculpt ~ Your New TIU Program!

By Katrina Scott on
Take a moment and reflect on what your body needs right now. We did just that, and it pointed us to our yoga mat. There's nothing quite like yoga to strengthen and lengthen your total body and soothe your soul. That's why we created the new 14 Day Yoga Sculpt program just for you — and we're starting it today in your Tone It Up app!


Over the next two weeks, you'll get the perfect blend of at-home yoga routines to tone your total body, boost your flexibility, and restore inner peace. From yoga sculpt, to cardio flows, to gentle morning stretches, together we’ll build an energizing and re-centering practice to carry into your day. Ready to flow? Join us in the TIU App — we're all starting on February 15th! 

The Benefits of Yoga 

Here are three more reasons to grab a girlfriend and say yes to 14 Day Yoga Sculpt:

  • Improved mobility. Flexibility isn't the only benefit to rolling out your mat. Yoga boosts your mobility, too — your body's ability to move through a range of motion with control. That translates to moving better as an athlete — and through everyday life pain-free! 

  • Reduced stress. Research shows that regularly practicing yoga can lower cortisol levels, the main hormone associated with stress. Yogis also report better sleep and quality of life. 

  • Increased strength & muscle tone. With or without weights, you'll strengthen and tone your total body — shoulders, legs, booty, and core included! Balance and stability are a major bonus, too! 


Tips to Get Started

Let's get it ommmmm. Here are a few of our top recommendations before you roll out your mat: 

  • Go with the flow. Each week, your program is laid out for your in the TIU app so there's no guesswork — only amazing results! You can also feel free to mix it up and do whichever workout works best for you each day. 

  • Listen to your body. If you need a rest day, take it! You can also always find more recovery routines in the Stretching + Foam Rolling sections On Demand. Remember, this is your journey, and no one else’s. 

  • Pair this program with your Tone It Up App recipes. Create your own daily menu, or check out the meal plans in the Nutrition Section of the app for best results.

  • Find your accountability buddy. Share that you’re in by using the hashtag #TIUYogaSculpt, and find friends in the Community section of your app. You’ll be more likely to stick to your practice — and have fun doing it! — with an accountability partner by your side. 

  • Set up your space. For this program you’ll need: dumbbells, booty band, & yoga mat. Grab your Yoga Sculpt Essentials or Yoga Sculpt Deluxe bundle, so you have everything you need to get started!

We can’t wait to see your daily checkins #TIUYogaSculpt #TIUteam so we can cheer you on!

Ready to feel powerful and energized? Join the Tone It Up App and get started with your 14 Day Yoga Sculpt program today!! 



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