10 Quick & Effective Workouts Under 10 Minutes

By Katrina Scott on

Hey babe! Hope you’re feeling fresh, fit, and fab after crushing your 5 Day Detox with us! If you’ve been keepin’ up with us on Insta, you know we’ve been traveling like crazy these past few weeks. A packed schedule can make it extra tricky to fit in exercise — and that’s when the Tone It Up app is so perfect! (PS: seeing YOU commit every single day is the best motivation in the world!!)  Did you know there are TONS of quick and effective workouts in the TIU app that are just 10 minutes or less? Even better: we’ve got something for literally every muscle group, goal, and mood! Here are 10 of our fave super-fast workouts to save you time, guesswork, and keep you on track no matter what! Busy babes, we’ve got you!!!  Keep rockin’ all that you do and tell us your faves in the comments below! xxo, K&K

The Best 10-Minute (Or Less!) Workouts For Busy Babes

Beach Booty Camp

Trainer: Karena + Katrina  Lookin' fine from behind! Join K+K for this quick HIIT routine that will tone that beautiful booty and get your metabolism revving in no time!  Find It On Demand: Booty 

TIU Push-Up Challenge

Trainer: Katrina  The secret to crushing a push-up ~ practice! Kat takes you through a series of push-up variations to build upper body strength, endurance, and mega-confidence! Do this workout once a week to start seeing amazing progress!  Find It On Demand: Arms

Bikini Series Cardio Abs

Trainer: Karena No crunches in this cardio-focused abs routine! Meet Karena on the beach for some fun, sun, and allll the cardio core moves!  Find It On Demand: Abs

Squat It Like It’s Hot

Trainer: Chyna Drop that booty and make it POP! Chyna's squat challenge burner features nine squat variations that will sculpt every inch of your gorgeous behind! Find It On Demand: Booty 

7 Minute HIIT

Trainer: Stef Don’t let her sweet smile fool you ~ Stef’s bringing the HEAT with this quick HIIT scorcher. Prepare for burpees, tuck jumps, and a few heart-pumping moves you haven’t seen before!  Find It On Demand: HIIT

Yoga Core Quickie With Heather

Trainer: Heather  It all starts in the core...this mini flow will leave you feeling strong, inspired, and ABSolutely amazing from the inside out.  Find It On Demand: Yoga + Stretch 

Bikini Arm Tone

Trainer: Karena This quick arm workout from Karena strengthens every inch of your gorgeous upper body: biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, plus plenty of core!   Find It On Demand: Arms

10 Min Yoga Booty Burn

Trainer: Chevy  Sunny days and sun salutations! Chevy's quick yoga sculpt flow will energize and uplift you, while leaving that cute booty nice and toned.  Find It On Demand: Yoga + Stretch 

Sunset Sculpt

Trainers: Karena + Katrina   What’s better than sharing a perfect sunset with your girls? Toning it up with them from head to toe! Join K+K on the beach for booty, back, arms, abs, and so much more!   Find It On Demand: Total Body 

7-Min Barre Booty 

Trainer: Jillian Barre babes, this one’s for you! Jillian's bodyweight-only barre sequence is perfect for when you're looking for a quick lower body burn. Get ready to pulse it out! Find It On Demand: Booty  The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.

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