Organic Tea

Wake up and wind down with our organic Perfect Fit Tea! One box will take you through the day with dual packaging for morning & night. Energize your body with AWAKEN and prepare for sweet slumber with UNWIND.

This box of organic tea not only warms your soul and satisfies your taste buds, but it's just what you need to bookend your day in the sweetest way.


Green Tea is a well known antioxidant powerhouse. Studies have shown sipping green tea can help boost immunity, contribute to glowing skin, fight inflammation and support a healthy metabolism! Our green tea is certified organic and is infused with tropical notes for a mellow and sweet flavor you'll fall in love with.  

Chamomile is an ancient herb that has been used in a variety of ways throughout the years for its amazing properties. Studies have shown it can prevent cardiovascular issues and stimulate the immune system.

Carob has been around for thousands of years to naturally sweeten foods while adding antioxidants. 

Rooibos (red tea) is made from a South African plant and can help lower risk of heart disease by increasing HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol.

Chicory has been used for upset stomachs for years, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Each box contains 7 AWAKEN & 7 UNWIND tea bags. 

Organic Green Tea:  Awaken your inner Beach Babe and jumpstart your day with this delicious blend of green tea and tropical breeze. Bright citrus flavors energize you for the day ahead! 

Ingredients: organic green tea, organic chamomile, organic carob and organic compliant natural flavor 

Organic Herbal Tea: Let your hair down and unwind with this soothing blend of soft vanilla and fresh coconut shavings. The perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings! 

Ingredients: organic coconut, organic rooibos, organic carob, organic barley and organic compliant natural flavor



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