Elevated Bundle

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Levitative Bundle

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Meditative Bundle

Regular price $80.98 $60.00

Total Tone

Regular price $113.96 $85.00

Collagen Value Set

Regular price $77.49 $58.00

6:40 Basics

Regular price $100.48 $79.00

6:40 Essentials

Regular price $122.47 $89.00

Pre / Post Workout

Regular price $87.98 $66.00

At-Home Toning Kit

Regular price $75.06 $59.99

Smoothie Bundle

Regular price $99.98 $75.00

Strength & Beauty Bundle

Regular price $111.97 $84.00

The Variety Starter Pack

Regular price $44.97 $35.00

Jasmine's Must Haves

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Jasmine's Ultimate Bundle

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Protein Powder - Pick 2!

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Protein Cookie Value Set

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Protein Cookies - Choose Your 2!

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New Supplements Bundle

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Take the guesswork out of shopping with your Tone It Up Bundles, specially curated with your unique fitness goals in mind. Choose from protein powder bundles, a supplement bundle, or a workout equipment bundle for massive savings on your wellness products. 

When you shop the value kits, you’ll always spend less than you would if you purchased your items separately. In fact, you can save up to 30% on your Tone It Up faves when you shop bundles!

Mix and match your protein powder flavors with the customizable Protein Powder bundle, or try all the flavors of the community favorite protein cookies with the Protein Cookie Value set

Your soft-baked Tone It Up Protein Cookies are packed with 10 right-sized grams of plant-based protein and perfect to kickstart your day, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a post-workout snack. They taste absolutely delicious and conveniently help you stay satisfied while reaching your wellness goals!

No matter which value kit you choose, these bundles also make a perfect present to give the fitness enthusiast in your life ~ for her birthday, the holidays, or just because!