Squat Bands

  • Set includes two resistance bands: white for low resistance and black for heavy resistance
  • Every band fits every body
  • Enhances your squats
  • Hands free for total body toning
  • Easily add in upper body moves like bicep curls or a press!
  • Constant, smooth resistance for fine toning
  • Engages your core
  • Emphasizes form for better results!
  • No squat rack needed! Your Squat Band can take the place of all those big machines plus it's travel-friendly!

Sculpt your thighs, hips, and booty with your NEW Tone It Up Squat Band. With added resistance for your lower-body workouts, you'll tone up more effectively ~ for better results in a shorter amount of time.
This Squat Band is just the challenge you need for your next sweat sesh, no matter your fitness level. Easily switch between low- and high-resistance options for a personalized workout to meet you where you're at.
To learn more about how to use your Squad Band, follow along with the workouts in your Tone It Up app.