Karena Dawn

Your TIU co-founder, Karena brings years of experience leading meditations and workouts for you ladies! You'll tune into her voice for all new guided meditations that will help you embrace self-discovery, harness the power of positive thinking, and drift off to peaceful sleep.

Daniela Sawyer

Get ready to turn up the heat with your new Tone It Up Trainer. Daniela is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for form and detail in workouts. Specializing in glute activation and core stability, she aims to alleviate knee and lower back pain through carefully curated exercises. With a knack for making kettlebell training fun and approachable, she's excited to share her dynamic routines!

Chevy Laurent

Call her your inspiration leader! Chevy is bringing you her uplifting words of encouragement that will make you feel like a badass woman! She gives you a major variety of workouts too, including strength sessions, barre-sculpt, and yoga flows! Get ready to sculpt your body from head to toe.

Dalia Barrios

The one who brings some heat to every workout, Dalia is all about offering challenging strength routines and fiery combos that test your body in new ways! She takes you through total-body strength and HIIT workouts, along with a new soothing mobility routine that will feel so good!

Alexandra Fratella

Prepare for a super serene environment when you press play on Alex’s yoga sequences! The 500-hour vinyasa yoga instructor incorporates athletics, alignment cues, and a spiritual element into each of her sessions. With her positive vibes, encouraging words, and super helpful posture points, you’ll definitely end her workouts feeling like your best self!

Ready to Turn Up the Heat?