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What Does Meditation Mean To YOU?!

What Does Meditation Mean To YOU?!

What takes you to another place? What puts your mind at ease? Hours could pass and you wouldn't know how much time has gone by. It's just you and your mind — no judgment or expectations, effortless presence, pure being. 🌸

For me it's making flower arrangements, any form of arts & crafts, and painting. And those are my favorite forms of meditation. What is it for you? Sometimes it's actually outside of the yoga studio. It could be cooking, running, swimming, hiking, playing a musical instrument, or drawing. When you are in your body and all that's left is your breath and mindful thoughts, that is meditation. The next time you do something that you love, pay attention to where your mind goes. You'll discover deeper states of consciousness and live more fully and with intent. When I'm meditating, I think of 3 words of intention for the rest of my day. Try it, then watch the magic unfold. 💐

What is your favorite form of mediation? Share in the comments below! 💛💛💛