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Toned Arms + Abs Workout ~ 6 Quick Sculpting Moves

Toned Arms + Abs Workout ~ 6 Quick Sculpting Moves

Morning gorgeous! Hope you're feelin' rested and ready to join me for one of my favorite routines! Today we're toning your strong arms and gorgeous abs 🙌🏻💪

Check out your Tone It Up app to get the full workout! I'll be leading you through a mix of exercises that sculpt your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and core from every angle! Below I picked a few of my go-to moves that target your entire upper body. This circuit is perfect for a quick, super-effective workout. 

I can’t wait to sweat it out together! Check in with me after on Insta #TIULoveYourBody and let me know how amazing you're feeling! 

xxo, Karena

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