The #1 Simple Practice To Feel Confident & Positive

By Katrina Scott on

Close your eyes and think about how you talk to your best tell her she’s beautiful, smart, and capable — especially when she needs a lil’ reminder. You cheer her on, tell her she’s an amazing friend, mama, or daughter, share how she’s crushing it at work, remind her that she’s strong enough to finish that tough workout, & tell her that her booty looks amazing :) 

So here’s the big question: Do you speak to yourself with that same love, care, and respect?! Because you deserve it!

How you talk to yourself shifts your entire perspective. Your body and mind listen to what you have to say. You can take yourself from doubt and negativity to confidence and positivity simply by changing your inner dialogue. 

This is a daily practice and it takes time and consistency. Even for us as trainers, it’s something we still work on every day. We want to share how we use positive self talk in our own lives and our favorite simple mantras. These practices have been so transformative!

We see you ~ your unique beauty, your brilliance, and your power ~ and we hope you recognize it just as much as we do!

Love you tons,


How Your Trainers Practice Positive Self Talk

stef and chyna- positive self talk

“Honestly, this Tone It Up community has helped me so much with positive self talk. Any encouraging message that I send out there I just remind myself that that same message goes to me too! If I’m telling my friends or this TIU community how strong, resilient, and beautiful they are,  I better understand that those same words are also for me!

It has transformed my mindset entirely. When we can have a deeper understanding of our self worth and carry that confidence, it helps us make every choice from this place of wholeness. This has helped me make choices out of bravery and courage which in itself can transform your entire life trajectory.” — Chyna 

tori- positive self talk

“Positive self talk is a daily choice I make. It’s a habit that I’ve had to practice over time — and even still I have days where the negativity creeps in! Whenever I notice myself getting into a negative spiral, I actively work to notice the thought, take a few breaths, and replace that thought with something I LOVE about myself. Implementing this practice and habit has helped me to raise my self worth and compare myself less to others around me.” — Tori 

chyna,stef,tori- positive self talk

“Growing up as a competitive athlete, I was my own toughest critic!  My whole world turned around when I realized that the positive and uplifting tone in which I spoke to my teammates, clients, and friends should be applied to myself as well.  Even with constructive criticism, there is an honest and loving way to deliver self-feedback that will motivate instead of tearing down. ‘Stef, today wasn’t your best, but I’m still proud of you, I believe in you, and you’ll grow much stronger from this!’” — Stef 

karena- positive self talk

“I like to practice positivity and gratitude immediately when I first wake up. This immediately shifts your mood and sets up your entire day. I keep a ‘happy list’ on my bedside table so I automatically look at it first thing when I wake up. I personally like a handwritten list, but you can also save it on your phone as a screensaver. Some examples from my list: A roof over my head, my healthy body, access to clean water and food, a healthy family, my husband next to me, Pom snuggles :) Fill your list with everything that you don’t want to take for granted and look at it before you even get out of bed every day.” — Karena 

kat- positive self talk

“I love to repeat a mantra to myself every morning, either first thing when I wake up or at the beginning of my yoga practice. This practice brings intention and positivity to everything you do. 

This has been my favorite mantra lately. Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and repeat this out loud or in your heart ~

I am grateful for my life and for my health. 

This is a season of life and soon it will change. 

I focus on what I can control and make peace with what I can’t.

I am energetic, beautiful, and worthy. 

I have the power within myself to create change and love.

I can do it all, but not all at once. 

I will never give up.

I love myself unconditionally.” 

— Kat

Mantras For Positivity & Confidence

You can shift your thinking with a simple positive mantra. Practice repeating mantras daily. Look at yourself in the mirror and say them out loud ~ this feels weird at first, but trust us it starts to feel more nature and it’s SO powerful!

You can also write your favorite mantras on sticky notes and keep them on your mirror or around your house. 

Some of our fave mantras: 

“I am enough.” 

“I am love, I am loved.” 

“I am perfect just the way I am.”

“I love my body and I love myself.” 

“I am healthy and strong.” 

“My body is a gift. I celebrate it every day.” 

“I deserve love and respect.” 

“I am powerful and capable.” 

“I am beautiful, inside and out.” 

“I am present and joyful.” 

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