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Nighttime Mindful Meditation For A Peaceful Sleep

Nighttime Mindful Meditation For A Peaceful Sleep

Hi beautiful! Hope you’re having a fab holiday weekend! Today’s mindful meditation is inspired by you. 🤗 When I posted on my Insta and asked you what kind of meditations you wanted for the Bikini Series, a lot of girls requested a meditation to sleep better. So today we’re going to focus on how to relax into a deep and peaceful rest 🌙

We always talk about adding meditation to our morning routine — our evenings are also one of the most sacred times of the day. Through this mediation, you can close your eyes, let go of any stress, and drift into your sleep with more ease and a lot more gratitude for all the great things you did today and everything you have to look forward to tomorrow!

Go ahead and snuggle up under the covers and let’s begin ~ sweet dreams babe 💤



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