Kettle Fire ~ 7 Metabolism Boosting Kettlebell Moves

By Katrina Scott on

Happy #ToneItUpTuesday from Greece! While we’re on the babymoon, Karena and I (and the boys!) are getting our Booty Calls in and doing our Studio Tone It Up workouts! Plus, we’ve been walking so much exploring this beautiful city — Karena and Bobby went on a hike into town yesterday.

 With the Summer Tone Up starting NEXT WEEK, we’re gearing up and getting pumped!! Make sure you sign up HERE and tell your girlfriends to join you too! We'll all be doing it together starting Monday, July 16th! 💪🏻 It's the perfect challenge to keep your beautiful muscles toned all summer long with workouts like barre, yoga toning, weight training, dance…and kettlebells!

To get us even more excited, today we’re sharing some of our fave metabolism-boosting kettlebell moves with your Studio trainer Stef. These moves are featured from your brand new Kettle Fire workout in Studio Tone It Up! They’re designed to tone your whole body from head to toe and seriously set your metabolism on fire!! 🔥🔥🔥

If you don't have a kettlebell at home, you can use a dumbbell. This is the perfect routine to fire up your muscles for the week ahead. Get ready to feel the burn babe! 

Check out the complete Kettle Fire workout in your Studio TIU app! Stef and the girls are waiting for you! 🤗

Do 60 seconds of each move, followed by 15 seconds rest. At the end of the circuit rest for 1 minute, then repeat the whole circuit! You got this!!

Triple Squat + Press + Pass Through Lunge

Tones your booty, legs, and arms!  Standing with the kettlebell in the racked position in your right hand (just in front of your right shoulder), lower into a squat then press the kettlebell overhead. Repeat three times before passing the kettlebell through your legs to your left hand as you step back into a reverse lunge with the right leg back. Step yourself back to start position with the kettlebell in your left hand and repeat sequence on the opposite side. Do for 60 seconds, alternating sides.

Kettlebell Jacks

Sculpts your legs, booty, and core, and revs your heart rate! Standing with feet together, hold a kettlebell in both hands at chest level. Jump your feet out wide, landing softly with knees bent. Jump your feet back to start position. Pick up the pace while staying low and keeping your core engaged. Do for 60 seconds.

Reverse Lunge + Knee Drive Twist

Tones your booty, legs, and obliques! Standing with the kettlebell at chest level, step your left leg back and lower to the ground until both knees are at 90 degrees. Next, drive the left knee up as you come back up to standing and twist the kettlebell across your torso toward your left hip. Do for 30 seconds on each side.

Kettlebell Swing

Sculpts your core and booty, and raises your heart rate! Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, holding the kettlebell with both hands. Hinging at the hips, swing the kettlebell straight back in between your legs. Driving the hips forward, swing the kettlebell up to chest level, keeping your arms straight. Remember the power from this move comes from your booty (not the arms or shoulders). Do for 60 seconds.

Kettlebell Wood Chop

Tones your obliques, shoulders, and arms, and revs your heart rate! In a wide stance holding the kettlebell by the horns in both hands, bring the kettlebell down to your left hip as you lower into a squat. Then quickly drive the kettlebell across your body, past your right shoulder and overhead, extending your arms straight. Slowly trace the kettlebell overhead toward your left shoulder and back down to the left hip, ending in a squat position. Do for 30 seconds on each side.

Kettlebell Hop Over Burpee

Works your entire body and boosts your heart rate!  Start standing to the left side of your kettlebell and hop over the kettlebell landing on the right side. Complete one burpee, then hop back over to the left of the kettlebell and do another burpee. Do for 60 seconds, alternating sides.

Rock the Boat + Leg Pulse

Tones your obliques, hips, and thighs!  Starting from boat pose, hold your kettlebell in both hands at chest level. Rotate the kettlebell across body from right to left. Once you have the basic movement down, pulse the feet out and in as you twist. Do for 60 seconds, alternating sides.

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

This is YOUR summer ~ we want you to feel strong and fabulous every day! Join us for your 6-week Summer Tone Up challenge for daily workouts, recipes, beauty tips, and so much motivation leading up to Labor Day!

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