5 Secrets To Build A Booty

By Katrina Scott on

Let me see your booty work...left cheek, right cheek 🍑😜 You know most of my favorite exercises involve sculpting that beautiful booty, which is why I’m so excited to bring you today’s new workout in your Tone It Up app! Obviously it’s called Booty Work because we just had to!  As you crush the workout, think about making a mind-muscle connection during every exercise. That means each time you stand up from a squat or a deadlift, or you do a kickback or lift your leg in a plank, you actively think about squeezing that cute booty of yours! This will enhance the toning benefits by making sure you’re using those glutes to their full potential. To maximize your booty benefits, we're sharing 5 science-backed techniques to really turn up the burn. Make sure you use these tips in all of your lower body workouts in your Tone It Up app to build the strong, sculpted booty of your dreams! Check in with me after today’s workout using #TIUteam. I'm always looking out for you! xxo, Kat

Science-Backed Ways To Get Major Booty Results

1. Squat, squat, and squat some more

We always love doing squats, and you’ll see a few variations with your Booty Band in today’s workout in the Tone It Up app. The best news: one study says that the squat serves as a top way to strengthen those glutes. The half-lift variation you see throughout your TIU workouts can recruit your booty muscles even more, according to other research

2. Do a drop set

You know we love our drop sets! You’ll often see us do an exercise to fatigue with a heavy set of weights, then grab a lighter set and perform the same move ~ that’s a drop set and the technique helps you score some serious sculpting benefits! Research proves that this can turn up the results on any exercise, include booty-focused moves. Check out more on the science behind drop sets here!

3. Work that hip extension (aka a kickback)

You’ll see us stand and kick our leg behind in today’s Booty Work routine, and that movement is known as a hip extension. Research shows that this type of exercise is extremely effective at targeting your glutes. You can also hit a hip extension via a plank leg lift or a barbell hip thrust

4. Work the eccentric (or downward) phase of an exercise

Drop that squat low, and do it extra slow! The same goes for deadlifts, lunges, or any exercise ~ it’s all about going slow when you’re moving toward the ground or against gravity! Research shows that by focusing on the eccentric phase of an exercise — aka when the muscle lengthens — you boost muscle-building gains. Control is the key!

5. Mix up a protein smoothie post-workout

When you have protein within 30 minutes after your workout, you help your muscles rebuild so they end up stronger! Lots of scientific studies prove this pay-off ~ which is why we love refueling with clean, plant-based, gluten-free TIU Protein! Whip up a smoothie from your TIU Meal Plan after you crush your Booty Work routine! 

Get the full Booty Work routine + so many more incredible sculpting workouts for your beautiful booty, legs, arms, and abs in your Tone It Up app!

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