3 New Metabolism-Boosting Booty Band Moves

By Katrina Scott on

Grab your Booty Band babe! Today is all about that lil' band that majorly turns up the burn 🔥 You've seen us use the Booty Band for everything from squats and side steps to leg lifts and kickbacks, but in today’s workout in your Tone It Up app, Chyna brings the creativity (and the intensity!) with some new fast-paced exercises! Make sure to check out the full 23-minute routine so you see all the moves that work your booty from different angles. You'll also up your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and get some core work too!  We're sharing some of our fave moves from the routine below ~ so grab a band and get ready to sweat!  xxo, K&K

3 New Moves For A Strong, Sculpted Booty

For each of the moves below, make sure you have your Booty Band by your side. Do each exercise for 3 rounds and take breaks as you need them. If you need a low-impact modification, simply step through each of these moves! But push yourself girl! You're stronger than you know!

Squat Jacks

Targets your booty, legs, and core, and revs your heart rate! Place the Booty Band around your calves, between the ankles and knees. With feet starting hip-width apart, lower into a squat by pushing your hips down and back. Keeping chest tall and core engaged, jump up, bringing your feet together. Then jump feet wide again, lowering back down into a squat. Repeat.  Do for 45 seconds. 

Glute Bridge Pulse

Targets your booty and core! Place the Booty Band above your knees and lie down on your back, knees bent and feet planted about hip-width apart. Make sure your heels are close to your butt, almost enough for you to touch them. Lift your hips up toward the ceiling and hold. Keep your back flat and core engaged. Pulse the knees out to the sides, pressing against the band.  Do for 45 seconds. 

Plank Jacks

Sculpts your booty, shoulders, and core, and boosts your metabolism!  Place the Booty Band above your knees and get into a plank position, hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders right over the wrists, and feet together. You should form a straight line from shoulders to heels. Keeping your upper body steady, jump your feet out to the sides. Then immediately jump them back together. Repeat.  Do for 45 seconds. 

Join us in your Tone It Up app for this full routine and 10 more BRAND NEW workouts for the 31 Day Challenge!

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