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Toning Ropes

Skip the bulky battle ropes in favor of these at-home toning ropes from Tone It Up.

  • Toning Ropes are much lighter and shorter than battle ropes, but can be used in the same way!
  • Designed with dual functioning in mind, these ropes deliver cardio AND strength training -- all-in-one! 💪 
  • Great for waves and slams to get a quick and effective cardiovascular workout
  • Innovative bungee-style design, they double as resistance bands for sculpting moves like rows and presses (equivalent of 12 lbs resistance)
  • Total weight: 12 lbs

How to use:

  • Use the anchoring strap (included with your toning ropes!) to attach your ropes to any stable, non-moving object
  • Simply loop the anchoring strap around the sturdy object, and fasten it together with the carabiner clips attached to the end of the ropes
  • At home, this might be the foot of a sofa, the leg of a sturdy table or desk, or a gate, post, or fence
  • At the gym, attach them to the base of an exercise bench, squat rack, or even a heavy kettlebell. 

Also, fuel up post-workout energy with community favorite Vanilla or Chocolate Protein, or grab this  At-Home Toning Kit to get everything your trainers love!

If you want a sneak peek at how our #TIU trainer Stef (NSCA-certified and a Barry's Bootcamp Trainer) uses our Toning Ropes, check this video out Toning Ropes Introduction 


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