Hey Girl! Are you planning any fun summer trips? We like to make sure we are feelin' our best before we travel...so we thought we'd share some of our favorite tips to stay healthy & de-bloat before you take off! ✈️✨

Keep movin'!

This is number one!! Even when we're on vacay Karena and I always make time to squeeze in a workout — we love a nice walk to explore the new city, or a quick HIIT workout in the Tone It Up App, we just always make sure we fit in something! We also love to do some type of cardio to get moving and get our heart rate up before sitting on the plane. A HIIT workout is amazing because it boosts your metabolism and tones your body all at once!

One of our favorite travel tips is to power walk through the airport when you have a layover, orrr maybe even do some wall sits or walking lunges if you're feelin' sassy 😉 And always keep those Booty Bands in your carry-on! They're perfect for a hotel room booty workout!

 Pre-flight fuel!

Fueling your body with healthy, nutritious foods before you board your flight is ESSENTIAL. Aim for some leafy greens, lean protein, and healthy fats -- think a kale salad with chicken and avocado, or a Tone It Up protein smoothie. It's important to feel nourished and satiated before boarding the flight so you aren't tempted by the airport snacks!

We also love to bring our own snacks! We're the girls that have a full spread on the plane 😂 A couple of our faves are unsalted almonds, kale chips, and our Tone It Up Protein Cookies! They are healthy, protein-packed, and taste like such a treat! 😋

 Bottoms up baby girl! 💦

This is KEY! The goal is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day...and it's especially important because traveling can dehydrate you. We love to bring our Tone It Up water bottle with us and fill it up once we get to the airport and again in-flight! That way you can avoid paying $7 dollars for a plastic water bottle and rep the TIU team while hydrating 😉

Coconut water is great too! It contains potassium and electrolytes, which both help keep the bloat at bay! Just be sure to look for some without the added sugar.

Lil' self-care!

Use the time on the plane to treat yourself to some R&R. Put on an eye mask, some calming essential oils on your wrists and neck, and listen to your favorite music...or you can even meditate like Miss Karena! You can find some of her meditations HERE! Her new sleep one is so calming! 💫

Safe travels babe and remember to always enjoy the journey!

Love you so much!