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We created the Love Your Body Series to celebrate YOU because you’re gorgeous, strong, and brilliant, and you deserve to feel that way and embrace it every single day!


We want you to love your body every day. Love it for everything it does for you. Love it because it makes you the unique, beautiful, and special woman you are. Nourish it, because you love it. Work out, because you love it. Do everything with LOVE!

Are you ready to be your healthiest, happiest self?

Your Love Your Body Series includes…

~ Daily workouts

~ BRAND NEW fitness videos

~ HIIT, toning, strength training, yoga sculpt, dance & tabata

~ NEW lifestyle videos and vlogs

~ Wine Not Wednesdays, Coffee Chats! 

~ Superfoods that help us love our bodies

~ Tips to help us love and celebrate our bodies every day, at every age 

~ So much support and love from the TIU community 

~ Motivation to have your BEST YEAR EVER

We’re all starting together Monday, January 8th!

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WHEN YOU SIGN UP YOU'LL IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE A FREE STARTER PACK! The pack includes new slimming recipes, a Challenge checklist, FAQs, and everything you need to know to get started.

We can't wait to start this journey with you!