Hi gorgeous! Just checking in to say hi and wishing you a fab week! It's been super busy over here, but I'm making sure to prioritize time for myself and my workouts! Today I'm sharing a couple of my tips to stay active and accountable no matter what your to-do list looks like.

Wake Up & Work Out

As you know, I love waking up early and getting my workout in ~ there's something so meditative about it and it helps keeps me energized for the rest of the day. That's why you'll find me in the early classes in the Tone It Up app! Plus as the day goes on, more things are added to your to-do list and it gets harder to find the time.

Step O'Clock

Whenever I have calls, whether it's catching up with family and friends or a work conference call, I try to walk & talk ~ either outside, around my house, or on a set of stairs. Make sure to mute if you're outta breath! Haha!

Organize Team Workouts

At the HQ we love to designate 30 minutes a week to work out as a team ~ it's an amazing & healthy way to spend time together outside of the office. We love to try different studios, take walks together, or stream a workout on the conference room TV from the Tone It Up app! You'll love the conference room workout we filmed ~ find it On Demand under Total Body in the app!

Post-Dinner Workout

It's not ideal, but we totally get it. The day has gone by and you still haven't been able to move. We like to pop into the Tone It Up app because you can always see other women working out at the same time as you. It's super motivating. Try a gentle yoga class or maybe a quick arm routine while watching your favorite Netflix show.

No matter how busy you are, always make time for you!! The more you take care of yourself, the more you'll be able to care for those around you.