Sweat straight to the core!

7 Day Abs is an exclusively move-based program, which means it’s perfect for at-home, gym, on the go, and summer travel. Your week-long program sculpts your abdominals from all angles — working the rest of your body in the process.


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Each day, you'll receive a new move-based ab routine you can do anytime, anywhere. In 30 minutes or less, you'll tighten and tone your core — while building a foundation that enhances performance in all other areas of fitness...and life!

Workouts include:

Ab-sculpting circuit training
Ab-sculpting circuit training
High-intensity intervals
High-intensity intervals
Total body strength training
Total body strength training
Core-sculpting yoga
Core-sculpting yoga


Hi! I’m your trainer Stef. As former pro athlete and lover of functional fitness, I appreciate that the true magic of your fitness journey lies within the details. My specialities include HIIT, strength training, running, and recovery. Together, I can't wait to unlock an entire new world of possibility, fun, and movement!


Pair this program with the 7 Day Slimdown Meal Plan in your TIU App. You'll get one week of healthy and easy-to-follow meals to fuel your body and maximize your results!


Tips From Your Trainer, Stef

Follow along top to bottom!
Follow along top to bottom!

Your program is designed for you to start at the top and work your way down so there’s no guesswork. You can also feel free to mix it up and do whichever workout works best for you each day.

Work, rest, repeat!
Work, rest, repeat!

Rests and previews of the next move are all built-in to your new move-based workouts. So all you have to do is follow along. Need more rest — press pause. Need less? That might be a sign to up the intensity on your work interval by adding speed, resistance, or progressing the moves according to your fitness level. Do you babe!

Play your own music!
Play your own music!

Your workout, your tunes! Here’s how to do it: Open your workout in your app, then exit and choose your own Spotify playlist and play. Go back into your TIU app and press start. The workout is perfectly timed out for you!

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7 day abs FAQS

Read on below to learn more about your new program — We're answering all your questions!

You can find your 7 Day Abs program in the Tone It Up app. Simply go to the “Workouts” screen and you’ll find your 7 Day Abs program in the top carousel called “Programs”. Tap “join” and you’re in! If you’re already on a program, add 7 Day Abs to your queue so it’s waiting for you. See ya in there!
Me, your trainer Stef Corgel and a few of your other TIU trainers :) I’m a former pro basketball player, which means I bring the heat to all of my high-energy routines. I specialize in strength, HIIT, and recovery just to name a few. I can’t wait for you to join us in the app!
The program is just 7 days, so you can start it anytime you want! Choose it in between programs, while you’re traveling, or when you need a quick boost. It’ll always be here for you in your Tone It Up app — whenever you need.
Once you’re signed up for the program, it’s all laid out for you in the “My Program” section of your app.You’ll get a weekly schedule of workout moves to follow.
7 Day Abs features incredible new workouts for every fitness level — all designed to do at home in 30 minutes or less ranging from HIIT to total body strength training to yoga!
For this program, you’ll need dumbbells, kettlebell (option to use a dumbbell instead), yoga mat. You can grab everything at Target or on ToneItUp.com. If you don’t have all the equipment, don’t sweat it! You can still do the program with whatever you have ~ the equipment is a great way to level up your results!
Cardio and HIIT-based workouts are incorporated into your program, however advanced babes are always welcome to add more! Check out the Cardio, Running, HIIT, & Indoor Cycling sections of your TIU App for an extra sweat session or two to supercharge your week.
This program is meant to challenge your core like never before! That said, always prioritize quality over quantity. If you feel your form going, take breaks as needed. You can also modify individual exercises as needed — for example, taking the jump out of HIIT moves, dropping a knee down for side planks, or going bodyweight-only for weighted moves. Listen to your body, and do you babe!
This program is not designed for pre and postnatal fitness. We recommend Tone It Up Pregnancy and Tone It Up Postnatal for safe and effective routines for every stage your journey! As always, consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen and confirm you are cleared for exercise.
It’s easy! For a larger screen you can: - Tap the full screen icon that appears on the bottom right of your video to switch to full screen mode! - Use the “cast” button to cast your workouts to Google Chromecast devices - Mirror your phone with an AppleTV
Be sure to check in with me @stefcorgel & @toneitup and use the hashtag #TIU7DayAbs so we can keep each other accountable and inspired.
Pair this program with the 7 Day Slimdown Meal Plan (find it in the Nutrition section of your app). Or check out the recipes to mix and match your own menu of nutritious and energizing meals!
We recommend stocking up on: Tone It Up Protein Powders, Tone It Up Collagen & Collagen Creamer, and TIU Gummy Vitamins. Easy snacks to have on hand ~ have you seen the new cookies and shakes that just hit shelves?! You can find everything on ToneItUp.com or grab it in store or online from Target, HEB, Kroger, or Vitamin Shoppe (they do delivery and curbside pickup too!).
Get ready for tighter and more toned abs — not to mention improved strength, stability, and athleticism. Did we mention all-around boosted confidence, too?!
You can access the 7 Day Abs program through your Tone It Up app subscription, which is just $14.99/month. We also offer a yearly subscription option ~ it comes to only 27 cents per day! Your app subscription delivers everything you need to feel fit, radiate confidence, and reach your goals. That includes 550+ on-demand workout videos and a library of healthy recipes and nutrition guidelines.

7 Day Abs Must-Haves