Fall Challenge 2023: Power Up - Equipment

By Tone It Up on

Gear Up for This Year’s Fall Challenge!

You don’t need a ton of equipment for this program (and you can do most of the workouts with just your bodyweight, if you don’t have anything at home!). But to get the most out of each workout, your trainers recommend the following items! 

Click the links to snag your gear!    

1. Hip Bands
2. Resistance Band
3. Booty Bands
4. Yoga Blocks
5. Dumbbells
We recommend a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. Weight completely depends on your preference!
6. Ankle/Wrist Weights
7. Weight Bench
8. Yoga Mat

Your trainers will also guide you through the bodyweight alternative or substitutions if you don't have an item! 

Learn more about your 2023 Fall Challenge and sign up today HERE



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