Happy Memorial Day babe! Make sure to take time to remember and thank all the amazing, brave men and women serving our country.❤️

At your BBQs and celebrations, remember to limit cocktails to 2 and drink lots of water or sparkling water with lemon all weekend. No matter where you are, stick to your plan guidelines! Prep sliced veggies and cucumber for salsa and dip and make delicious lean, clean, & green meals at BBQs! Maybe even bring your own TIU Approved BBQ Recipes! We love these recipes for a healthy, TIU Approved BBQ. Commit to your goals by journaling ahead of time what you're going to stick to and you'll feel amazing on Tuesday! We also understand that meal prep may be harder with family commitment this weekend, so we made it super simple! 

Check out your Week 6 Meal Guides below

Regular Bikini Series Meal Plan

Vegan Meal Plan Bikini Series


vegan meal plan week three

Pescatarian Bikini Series Meal PlanDownload The Tray Dinner

 Wash & chop veggies

 Pre-cook/grill your lean protein for the week (chicken, fish, shrimp, tempeh, etc.)

 Slice bananas & freeze for smoothies

 Pre-cook your quinoa for the week

 Prep dressings for your salads - store in a mason jar

 Prep Piña Colada Overnight Oats

 Prep your Pick Me Up Chia Seed Pudding and store individual servings in mason jars **Wednesday is a great day to prep your Chia Seed Pudding for the second half of the week!**

 Prep Pineapple Pico