Kat & I believe in many things: sunrise sweat sessions, soaking in the ocean breeze, accountability partners, lotsa kale, rosé dance parties, and looking for love! But there’s one thing we don’t believe in: cheat days. Not because you don’t deserve an ice cream or a glass of wine, but because enjoying those things totally isn't cheating! It's balance. That's why you've never heard us use the words “cheat day” and we’re super proud of that! gold-glitter-line

The word “cheating” implies that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, eating something you’re not proud of eating, heading down a path that’s counterproductive to your progress. But, if you allow a little balance, you'll bounce back that much easier and it won't deter you away from your goals.

The key to seeing a change in your body is committing to changing your lifestyle. Of course this means getting your Booty Calls in every morning, but it also means honing in on what you’re eating and how you’re eating. If you respect your body and you respect the food you’re eating as fuel to keep you strong and healthy, you’re less likely stray from that path. Denying yourself a social life can be just as detrimental to your progress as anything else. Life is precious and we want you to enjoy it with the ones you love! 💖

We love to connect our splurges with spending time with our girls. This way, you’re not just eating mindlessly, the sweet is simply a perk of creating a memory that will fulfill you far longer than any calorie. If you’re going out for ice cream, take a stroll with friends and catch up. If you’re feelin' a #WineNotWednesday, organize a happy hour with healthy snacks and keep your glasses in check with lots of sparkling water in between! 🍷 Or, impress your galpals and make them a de-lish dinner!

When you start to incorporate your "splurges" in a more balanced way, they become less of guilty pleasures and more a part of your healthy lifestyle! Slowly, you may even realize you don’t want the ice cream or the pizza, you’re just in it for the laughs, smiles, and quality conversation. 😽