CONGRATS, You're in!

We're so excited you're joining us for Turn Up The Heat! Stay tuned and check your inbox for updates. We can't wait to workout with you!


Here's everything you'll need to start strong with us on Monday, June 3rd!

Your Tone It Up App

To start the program on June 3rd with #TIUTeam, you'll need an app subscription.

Once you subscribe - you'll be able to queue the program to start with us on Day 1!

You'll also be able to:
  • Unlock hundreds of yoga, HIIT, stretching, cardio, pilates workouts and meditations on demand
  • Meet your unique fitness goals with over 20 programs. Whether you want to build strength, tone up fast, stay consistent or find a mind-body connection, we’ve got just the program for you!
  • Fuel your body with recipes and meal plans at your fingertips.
  • Be a part of a community that will keep you motivated and helps you stay inspired.

    Prep Your Home Gym

    Here's what equipment you'll use throughout the program:

  • Light, medium, and heavy Dumbbells
  • Hip Bands
  • Booty Bands
  • A Yoga Strap
  • A stick (broomstick, pvc pipe, or similar)
  • Light and medium Kettlebells
  • Towel
  • Resistance Band
  • Yoga Mat
  • Ankle Weights (optional)
  • Yoga Blocks

    However, if you don’t have some (or any) of these tools, you can easily tackle each workout with just your bodyweight or by grabbing some household items!
  • Your #TIUTeam Community

    Join your amazing and supportive Tone It Up Community by:

  • Checking in using the hashtags #TIUTurnUpTheHeat and #TIUTeam on Instagram.
  • Join the TIU Facebook Accountability Group to stay motivated alongside the TIU community. Start sharing your goals, intentions, and meeting new accountability partners today!
  • Facebook Group