Every once in a while when things are hectic, it's just not possible to get our full Booty Call on. Life just...happens! We know you feel us. 🤗

But all's not lost, girlfriend! Your day is filled with endless opportunities to sculpt your bod and get a lil' extra burn on.

✓ Tone that waistline all day, err day!

Whenever you can, make sure you're engaging your core and sitting up tall. With so many hours spent in front of our computers and phones, we tend to slouch over, weakening the abs and lower back. When possible, sit up or stand up! You'll not only burn more calories throughout the day, you'll have better posture and alignment, which is great for summer!

✓ Booty werk...at work

Keep a set of booty bands at your desk or in your purse and whip 'em out on your lunch break. Find an empty conference room and get moving! Feel a lil' silly? Ask a co-worker to join you and be booty werkin' fools together.😉

You can also do our conference room workout!

✓ No time for a sit-down Tinder 

Meeting up with a girlfriend or a new date? Make it worth it! Grab a coffee or juice and take it outside for a walk. Happy hour meet-up? Join a spin class or try a new climbing class!

✓ Walk the TALK

This is one of my faves. I've been doing it for years! Whenever I get a phone call, I'll go for a walk. If I'm catching up with my dad, a friend, or on a conference call, I'll head outside or hit the stairs. Extra sculpting and burnin' at least 30 minutes a day!

Have a great day, girl! Stay tuned on Instagram @ToneItUp!