Supercharge your booty moves with these compact, lightweight bands. Enhances your squats, engages your core, and emphasizes better form, for better results! Get ready to feel the burn. Why you'll love your new Squat Band:

  • Set includes two resistance bands: white for low resistance and black for heavy resistance
  • Enhances your squats for better results
  • Every band fits every body
  • Hands free for total body toning
  • Constant, smooth resistance for fine toning
  • Travel-friendly!

4 effective squat band exercises

Full Squat
Full Squat
Squat + Bicep Curl
Squat + Bicep Curl
Squat + Out + Pull In
Squat + Out + Pull In
Squat + Press
Squat + Press


Read on below to learn more about the brand new squat bands — we're answering all your questions!

Your Tone It Up Squat Band is available at your local Target store and!
The Squat Band is made of polyester and latex. Please note that the bands contain natural rubber latex and which may cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to latex.
Your Squat Band is so easy to use and ready for you!! We include quick and easy assembly instructions with your squat band. They’re ready to go right out of the box with a few easy tweaks!!
We created the Squat Band for the whole TIU Community! The squat band is great for all fitness levels and will help you level up your squats no matter where you are in your fitness journey!
Yes!! Work out with your trainers right in the Tone It Up app as they show you how to fit the Squat Band into your fitness routine. New to the app? Check it out HERE
Yes, shoes should always be worn when using the squat band for safety and to prevent injury.
If you’re pregnant or think you could be pregnant, we recommend checking with your doctor or medical professional before using the Squat Band.
Keep away from young children.The squat band is not a toy and is not intended for small children. Supervise older children during use.
Two bands with varying resistance are included with your Squat Band.The clear/opaque one is lower resistance and the black one is for higher resistance. The resistance level you experience will vary based on your height, the width of your squat stance, and which band you’re using!
The squat band can be incorporated into any workout. We love to use the squat band 3+ times a week! It’s really up to you!! Since your hands are free, you can work your lower body and upper body all at the same time with some combo moves. Did someone say leg day?
The squat band adds that extra resistance you need to take your squats to the next level. You’ll build strength and definition all while improving your form!
Since your hands are free, the options are endless! We love adding a pair of dumbbells or a barbell while using the squat band to level up our workouts . Check out some of our favorite workouts using the squat band HERE
The Tone It Up Squat Band will supercharge your existing workouts and bring them to the next level! Using the squat band adds smooth, constant resistance to all workouts that include squats. Additionally, the Squat Band is hands-free which means you can add dumbbells to your workout for compound movements targeting your upper body and core. Bonus, you get all the added resistance without taking up space with a bunch of equipment. Plus, it’s travel-friendly!